peace prize to the voice with no body

12.12: pol/peace prize to the voice with no body:
. the peace prize went to the right person:
the voice with no body!
that voice this year has crystallized the message
that the world's christian's should unite
on an apology to the world's jews,
and reserve an israel-sized chunk of the new world
for a peaceful place where
jews alone are welcome to govern jews, forever .

12.10: co.apt/pol/chinese do deserve nobel peace prize:
. the nobel peace prize winner,
chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo, is a good american;
but in china where the system is not multi-party
he can only foment needless civil war;
and, one good reason for dictatorship
is long avoiding the centuries of civil war
that china has been subject to .
. the chinese leadership shows
true love for its people;
they are like the 2nd coming of christ
doing more for the war on poverty
than any other power on earth .
. they could have just exploited the energy
of an expanding population
to stay in power effortlessly,
but they so loved their people
that they risked their own position of power
by using it to force population controls
against a culture that is notoriously poor:
humans can have 14 girls in a row,
and the chinese traditionally keep having children
until they get at least one boy .
. this measure won't make leadership wealthier,
but in time it will bring wealth to all their subjects .
Liu Xiaobo launched Charter ’08,
the manifesto for democracy in China
which landed him an 11-year prison term .
the Norwegian Nobel Committee gave him the prize