the higher power

12.20: relig/god/the higher power:

. recalling my blog of speeder cameras;
. along with my usual view that
human policing can apply the law unequally;
there's also a god-related issue
(significant since such issues are
splitting the country in half
so you'd expect little reminders of such):

. the god fearing young driver would be saved by
thinking a god is catching every cheating moment;
while the godless would be saved only by
the sure justice of knowing there are robocops
everywhere all the time;
robocops could be a symbol of the godless,
and a hate of robocops could be a swipe at
free-thinking anti-dogmatic humanists,
or Democrats .

. can you actually teach kids to fear god?
in the political debate
it's always presented as an option!
(school prayer leads to kids praying;
and packing kids in school leads to
gang violence ... or lots of prayer!)

. I myself thought kids could be saved
either by
stressing the bible as proof of the supernatural
or by diligently watching kids until
their youthful minds became future aware;
but to nix both the supernatural training
and the constant guidance
is tantamount to saying
a kid should remain seeable because nobody sees
-- that is a likely future killer .

. then again,
if you think kids are better off god-aware
imagine how many adults are not god-aware
and yet still caught cheating?
I suppose they figure god is only the devil;
"( so what if God sees all? he loves everything! ).

. the real significance of god
is knowing who has your ears:
is it your selfish impulses?
or a higher power?
but when you call "(god) your higher power
(rather than, say, the Chinese Premiere)
what is your higher power saying?
my clerics say, my books say,
my big fat trust me really told you;
so, it's just my line in the sand,
having fun -- like I always do!

. the Buddha had it right:
the real plain truth is understood by
self agreeing with elders:
without elder checks there is foolishness,
without self checks there is corruption .