Jon Justice sneers at sure justice

3.24: news.pol/jon justice sneers at sure justice:
. ironic how Jon Justice radio show
sneers at sure justice:
speeder-catching cam's are
"(the gov't watching you!)
. but perhaps the real point is that
speed limits are an obnoxious democracy
imposed where consensus could have worked:
eg, consensus would be where
your taxes pay for the roads with
the speed*mass you want:
. the most practical way is to
restructure our city planning
as gated communities that minimize commuting
by use of work-based residences .
. everything you need can be biked to
or trucked in with an internet sale .
. the shop docks are at the wall to minimize truck traffic,
the walls are composed of doughnut strip malls .
. then people can drive between these gated communities
at any speed they want .