wrestling with facebook app's

4.2: proj.addn/net.facebook.familylink
mom and ellen:

. part of facebook is an app familylink
-- so I can link to fam wo calling them friends!
send familylin.com relative request to
any facebook friends that are also family .
. familylink does some completely monstrous scripting!
it has a dialog window that keeps minimizing
so I can't respond to it! ??
ask chrome to do it !!
ok .
. try to get more contacts;
strangely its search for facebook users
only works if they're already signed up to familylink
or if you give their email ? don't do that .

. maybe I should tell all my relatives
that it's available;
then I would need to waste time
seeing if it worked in their browser too (safari) .
. I got 2 of them linked up,
maybe they can help move the idea .

using links it knows:
. going back to clagget's page
where I first saw the family app,
I notice one facebook friend is using the service
and from there I can see
that if you know the person,
then their fam list acts like a friends list,
but it's unstable:
sometimes it takes you to their facebook page,
and other times -- even for the same person --
it just takes you to your own fam page .

gathering links:
. requested familylink additions by
familylinks related to a facebook friend
who are also my family: heidi, art .
. added familylinks to any family I could reach
via facebook {family, friends} of friends:
maya, monet, eliot, maria, edie, sarah,
and marge herself .
-- prev'ly done are: ellen, mom .

4.3: mis: what a clunker!:
. every fam member is listed as I suggested
except mom, now I don't see any way to
identify her relation;
it prefers to wait for her confirmation?
it accepted ellen's labeling as cousin .
. added dad as divorced to mom
but not as linked into facebook .
. when you add a relation by drag,
then if the gui stops working (cursor disappears),
then up at menu of page, try switching view;
then the redraw recoordinates everything .
. all the facebooks in familylink are treed now
adding some nodes that are not in facebook:
sally, mom's parents, art french .
[5.18: art french is on facebook a while now]

4.3: mis: gui mystery:
. how do I get a family-link box
on the side of my facebook page?
easy to remove most boxes ... .

4.3: proj: gathering links/miles french:
. added mom`miles french as cousin once removed .
4.3: proj: gathering links/megan strand:
. is there any way to update ellen's relation?
[her familylink shows no relation until she ok's it;
but she ignored the invite .]
. added mom`sister`megan strand as cousin once removed .

4.2: proj.addn/net.facebook.circlefriends:

Welcome to Circle of Friends! To: New Users! Thanks for signing up for Circle of Friends,
the best way to organize your friends based on
why they're important to you.
To help you get started,
we've created two ways to organize your friends.
Try them both and see which one works best for you.
Create a New Circle is pretty straightforward...
it lets you name a circle
and put your friends in it.
Suggested Circles searches through your friends' profiles
to find people with similar interests or backgrounds.
Browse through them to find the circles that are right for you!
To allow for easy access to your circles,
when you go back to your profile,
find the application and drag it
to the top of your profile page.
Mike, Ephraim, and Ben
The Circle of Friends Team
If you like the application, click here to become a fan. It is easy!
If you have any suggestions on
how we can improve the application
(like what you want to add to each circle page
or things you would like to share with different circles),
feel free to start a discussion on it.

start a discussion#is this betaware?:
. some of the time when you choose an icon
the selection is ignored;
and other times it doesn't stick,
instead being replaced by the generic close-friends icon .
. I'm using chrome on mac .

I con icons!:
. used circle of friends app to org friends into contexts:
Magruder High School 1978
Norbeck Meadows, Rockville, Md, USA
Wash.DC, USA 1970's
Torrance-Winter family
. getting this circlefriends app to work was such a pain!
. half the time the icon's weren't as expected,
then you understand why when it warns you that what you upload
should be owned by you
and, not be a copy of trademarks like simpson cartoons .
. they're showing you a bunch of
what they already know is owned!
. the stupidest thing about that app
is that the face icons look just like facebook friends
but they are not hypelinked to a popup
that would introduce the face's public info .

4.2: mis.addn/net.facebook/comments do stick:
. not sure why my comment to allen's didn't stick,
but I reposted it directly on his page .
. oh, now I'm seeing both posted on my page,
so, I'm deleting the first one,
since it had a syntax error .

4.3: mis.addn/facebook`profile.tab/
sidebar's [create a profilebadge

. I was hoping a "(profile badge)
would let me move my friends.tab to a sidebar box;
but it did offer a pleasant suprise:
it let me add a facebook splash to my blogger.com sites .