ms' xp malware prevention is worse than malware!

4.15: mis.addn/xpw.security essentials/so slow and rude!:
. annoyed at speed hit,
consider removing sec'essentials real-time process monitoring .

4.27: mis.add/xpw/lcd is slow to light up:
. lcd is slow to light up;
a coincidence with this problem was that
skype had to check for msg's
and found one to download .
. this may have given the anti-virus
a lot to think about .

4.30: mis.addn/xpw/ms'worse than the virus:
. the xpw is just wildly ignoring me
.. to run my hd into the ground!?
then it takes so long
and something I asked it to start 5min ago
it uses that request to suprise-interrupt my editor's input!
. ms is stupid or abused
-- what a nut house they are!

. I keep recalling ms`ceo on the stage
jumping up and down, ranting:
"(developers, developers, developers!)
. ms was forced to throw security into the gutter
trying to remain backwards compatable
even for developers who
flagrantly cheated the interfaces -- the
boundaries that could have defended security .