crying about aliens we breed

3.9: pol/health care/crying about aliens we breed:

. isn't ironic ?
a foundation of american values is owning
and being responsible for property .
. this was one major reason that
the natives never fit in the picture:
being nomadic was tantamount to
abandoning your property .
. now why is it that minnesota
is just fine with obama care,
while arizona is crying about how many
healthcare clients will be illegal immigrants?
. basically, the industrial revolution
has meant that
people have abandoned their property,
no longer living with relatives
sharing housing and childrearing .
. and with that move,
there is only upward pressure
on population growth
as anybody can take a no-bene's job in usa
and turn into feeding a small army
down in the warm, cheap southern americas .
. what health care really needs,
is carrots and sticks for
population reduction .
. population is not just about
more voting power,
it's holding kids hostage .
. just as we promote owning a house,
we should promote
owning a piece of capitalism:
. the more you save,
the more voting power you have;
having more kids won't cut the power pie .
. conversely,
this nation was built on the backs of
insane laws that were repealed only recently:
welfare abuse and fatherless children
are just a symptom of
not making history right .
. the tax base needs to buy stocks or whole businesses,
and give businesses rather than jobs
to minorities .
. if they are good stewards and save a lot,
they can keep prestigious voting power .

. one problem with that idea is that
lack of political power is hardly the
main reason for high birth rates .

. american businesses need to be
treated with less privacy
both to insure safety reg's are really followed
and to insure that only citizens are hired .
. businesses should be protected from
global trade:
we only buy from places we can inspect,
and we have random inspections via
the entire public randomly viewing from
internet cameras placed on every site
that can do business .

. places for slave labor should be irradicated:
would legalized prostitution compete
at least for everything except child slavery ?
. if america would promote more communal living
like our forefathers did,
we could even put a serious damper on
child prostitution and captive nanny syndrome .

. too bad we can't internet-inspect the
brothels and hospitals
-- hell is just tenacious,
and the fig leaves will keep it that way .
. you always hear preachers warning about
wolves in sheeps clothing
and how
they know god from the devil .