estrogen-dominance a major source of cancer

2.4: health/estrogen-dominance:
. the 2nd way fat creates estrogen-dominance
is by holding stores of progesterone
which then leak constantly
thereby disrupting progesterone's normally
non-constant, pulsating dosing .
[. the first is by body fat being a producer of estrogen;
another inderect way is that
obesity often comes from fatty diets
which often contain high levels of dioxins and pcb's
which mimic estrogens ]
[3.1: even veg'oil can be a source of dioxins
and the body stores this dioxin in its own body`fat ]

2.14: sci.health/postpartum depression from progesterone resistance

[I'm a middle-aged male using it nasally 1mg every other day
combining it with dhea micronized 5..10mg nasa daily]
. feeling relieved by progesterone
I got the idea that the reason there's a depression after some pregnancies
is that they started it with an estrogen dominance,
then to overcome that,
the body had to over-produce progesterone
causing progesterone resistance later,
and that might cause depression .
"(Postpartum depression occurs in women with an
altered progesterone level)
-- www.pmstreatmentclinic.com/services.html
"(Since Dalton has insisted that post-partum depression was related to PMS,
I tried treating it with progesterone as well.
The results have seemed good to me. ...)
-- www.gentlebirth.org/archives/progppd.html
"(During the course of that visit,
she commented on her long experience with
the use of progesterone in the treatment of postpartum depression. ...)
-- www.naprotechnology.com/depression.htm
"( ... Many women find that their depression becomes much worse
just before, or during, a period.
If this is so, consider progesterone therapy
to help prevent this severe form of pre-menstrual tension.)
-- www.mothersbliss.com/life/pnd.asp
[3.1: warning:
. beware high-dose dhea or progesterone,
better to work at lowering levels of the opposing hormones:
cortisol and estrogen
getting too much can cause resistance to that hormone .]