overhead book holder for recliner

proj.gear/overhead book holder for recliner:
. hey! just what I was looking for,
just hanging around:
. an acrylic sheet sized to shelve an open book
so I could lay down with a hanging laptop
typing in notes and ideas from book .
. I'd been using the sheet as a roof finish for the sanctum
it was also heavy and would weigh down curtain rods
-- phone books will do that now .
. after cleaning it's still a bit fogged from scratches,
I think I found it in the yard, has some cracks too .
. the rest is easy:
having grilled shelves for an earthquake sanctum
is making it easy to position rope
for hanging gear around me as I lay in my cot
with the keyboard warm inside my sleepingbag .
try shifting it closer to laptop screen,
rearrange it to minimize in-view scratches,