fair and balanced 2.0

3.16: co.apt/pol/fair and balanced 2.0:
. the featured guest of thedianerehmshow.org (3.16)
-- let's call him co.pol#fair and balanced 2.0 --
was a vegan and animal rights activist
when a caller had an interesting opposition:
. like the rest of god's jungle,
we can be a caring, humane hunter
one who takes only clean, painless shots;
and who serves a natural function
of controlling destructively growing populations .
. this vegan actually said
that if we can be such
naturally good pop'controllers
we should feel comfortable with
controlling our own population!
. is this not real "(fair and balanced) ?!
I then shouted to my co.apt's
in glee:
. the fat lady did sing!
so what's the problem?
even the truth socks!
[. as if mocking the typical amer':
the enviro'rights sock,
the civil rights sock,
the animal'rights sock,
-- now we have to admit: even the truth sucks! ]
. who is this guy? Johnathan Balcombe:
author of {second nature, pleasurable kingdom};
unfortunately, he's no saint:
. what does he feed his cats? is it meat?
they ask, trying to trap him;
they did trap him on something else:
. he points out that while cats do need meat
humans have a choice to be vegans;
does he know what torture it is
for cats and dogs to be fed
the cereal-poisoned crap
we call their normal diet?
. at least he's an example of
how people can truly care about animal`feelings
yet torture them out of ignorance .

web.pol/fair and balanced 2.0/Enthologists:

. co.pol#[fair and balanced 2.0]
was also into enthology?
that is a little-used title, according to google;
here are some examples:

Q: What are the job opportunities in forestry and wildlife
Enthology is the scientific study of animal behaviour
in its natural environment.
An enthologist studies and analyses the
evolution, behaviour, biological functions of an organism
in its natural environment.

. a fresh graduate in forestry can expect less salary than
one who is in the research field
or working as Enthologists, ...

Modeling Top Performers -- A systems approach to interventions:
"Why it that some of our sales staff perform at a high level
while others do not?". As behavioral researchers,
like the enthologists,
we had to go to the environment
to see what the top performers were doing
that was different from the other sales people.