free capitalist's original sin

3.6: pol/free capitalist/original sin:
. to the Free Capitalists, I'd like to joke:
"( original sin is real, my friend ) .
. how do we create value
when people are creating more people
than we can really value ?
. our assumptions about being able to
freely exchange
falls from not being able to control
parents get value from children often only by
reducing value of the world around them:
owning children insures that
more of the world is loyal to you,
and often also insures
a better chance of being employed .
. even if we let capitalism operate freely,
this collective overgrowth of the labor force
means that many of them will choose crime
or will unfairly lower the value
of the entire labor force,
as their numbers increase the group's desperation
to the point of "(willing) slavery .
. this growing sea of more desperate slaves
are at greater risk of turning to crime
opportunistically .
. this is not just about
something looming in the future:
it was this discontent
with being the child of poverty
that drove Europeans to colonize other lands .
. there's nothing free about
any capitalism that doesn't
control population somehow
-- either by lottery, democracy, meritocracy,
or by waging wars --
to create new owners among fewer people .

3.7: pol/wealth of rations:
. wealth through pop'control
is what we're already doing:
it's the magic of land owner-ship
any excess labor can pile up in city soup lines
and the families that manage to stay wealthy
don't see any over pop' at all .