american manifest destiny

3.7: pol/american manifest destiny
(Show me Adam's will):

. suppose the typical way to
handle overpopulation
is to make harsh rules,
and then appy them only to the extras,
who then protest by making their own rules,
calling it a better religion;
the pioneering spirit was founded on
blatent extra's who couldn't just
politely negotiate renting from the natives
because the euro's were actually
pushing surplus population out of their nest .

3.9: web:

. Manifest Destiny is a 19th century term
for the belief that
europeans were destined, even divinely ordained,
to expand across the New World .

. the angel or spirit of Columbia
represents the euro'progress in north america;
the distinction was important to the brit's,
as the northern americas were where
their own had concentrated,
while other euro's invaded the southern continent .

Columbus's initial 1492 voyage came at a
critical time of growing national imperialism
and economic competition between
developing nation states seeking wealth from
the establishment of trade routes and colonies.

"Show me Adam's will!"
The Treaty of Tordesillas, signed 7 June 1494,
between Spain and Portugal,
divided the New World amongst themselves
. the line of demarcation was between
the Cape Verde Islands (already Portuguese)
and the Columbus islands (claimed for Spain),
named in the treaty as
Cipangu and Antilia (Cuba and Hispaniola).
The lands to the east would belong to Portugal
and the lands to the west to Spain.
. a few decades later,
the New World would be divided by
the Treaty of Zaragoza or Saragossa, 22 April 1529;
The treaty was historically important
in dividing Latin America,
as well as establishing Spain
in the western Pacific until 1898.
But it quickly became obsolete in North America,
and later in Asia and Africa.
It was ignored by other European nations,
whose attitude was expressed in a statement
attributed to France's King Francis I,
"Show me Adam's will!"

Amerigo (latin: Americus)
Amerigo Vespucci (1454-1512) was an Italian
merchant, explorer and cartographer .
. for Portugal's exploring of the
east coast of South America,
Amerigo participated as observer, 1499 and 1502.
In 1500,
Portugal discovered Brazil at latitude 16°52'S.
. Portugal claimed this land
by the Treaty of Tordesillas,
and the King wished to know
whether it was merely an island
or part of the continent that the
Spanish had encountered farther north.
. Amerigo was aboard the ship that discovered
South America extended much further south
than previously thought.
In 1507, Martin Waldseemüller produced a world map
on which he named the new continent America
after Vespucci's first name, Amerigo
(latin: Americus) .

3.9: co.apt/pol/zionism/manifest destiny is alive!

. prominent jews have lamented
that while zionism is laudable,
circumstances make it practically inhumane;
so, I've been wondering how to buy peace;
but, where to relocate millions?
. we should give zionists our national forests!

as if a sarcastic opponent:
. as long as they're now beating up the
environmentalists and animals rights advocates;
should we let them war with the natives too?
as if they were part of the wildlife?
I just love phil .
phil, you are the sexy many of the year!

3.9: web.pol/movie"avatar:

"Avatar" awarded Best Visual Effects and Best Cinematography
. concerning its lack of Oscars
(just 3 technical's),
critics suspected political trends that
frown on being "(anti-military);
-- [The Hurt Locker].movie was also "(anti-military)
and it became the lowest-grossing film
ever to win Best Picture .
. also, the judges have problems with accepting
avatar's cartoon drawing technology (mo-cap)
as being acting, despite it being defined by
the facial expressions of actors .
. they thought Avatar had been criticized for being
and that's why "The Hurt Locker"
did better at the Oscars?
this surprised me,
as I heard from talk radio
that it was "The Hurt Locker" who appeared
too anti-military in the same way F911 was:
rubbing our nose in the job conditions .
. Avatar, on the other hand,
seemed a bit anti-american
rubbing our noses in the
Manifest Destiny politics
that cheated the American Natives .
. much of Avatar was
right out of american history:
a military machine is backing a company of
futuristic "(gold diggers)
and the best deposits happen to be
sitting on sacred burial sites .
. it was embarrassing
when the leader of the natives
starts a war against high tech machinery;
because, it occurred to me
that the leadership of american natives
may have known they didn't stand a chance,
and were actually pulling off a massive suicide
as a way of venting tribe-wide anguish .
. in the movie however,
they happily found ways for the natives
to take advantage of technical vulnerabilities
with the help of some turncoats
-- another deeply embarrassing truth:
the military is getting more technical,
with each piece getting more powerful;
and just a few turn-coating
muslim sympathizers
could do an incredible amount of
unexpected harm .
-- not to mention the shame of realizing
that if you really sympathized with
the american natives
you'd have to wish someone betrayed
your own blood .
. I wept a lot in that movie,
and not all of it was from the awesome scenery .]

3.14: pol/movie"avatar/a remake of custer's last stand:
. I'm waking up realizing
the avatar.movie's ending was hardly happy:
the movie was practically a remake of
custer's last stand
where the union of several tribes
were able to make a surprising victory
over superior technology .
. without a chapter where the natives are
capturing the technology,
the story's long-term outcome
is gloomily predictable .

3.15: pol/movie"avatar/the inoculation:
. the movie's happy ending was from
leaving seeds behind:
they would have the chance for
rapidly adopting tech .

3.12: co.pol/Ray Kurzweil`review of Avatar.movie:
Accelerating-Intelligence News > "Reflections on Avatar by Ray Kurzweil"
-- KurzweilAI.net, Mar. 8, 2010
if this mineral is indeed worth a fortune,
they would presumably come back
with a more capable commander.
Yet we hear Jake's voice at the end saying
the mineral is no longer needed.
If that's true, then what was the point
of the entire battle?
) [3.28:
. reminds they'll be coming back for
no other reason than their pride
or more
dead "(be f* and multiply) storage .]

[3.28: it's the economy, sir]
3.12: co.apt/pol/dem's plan is what?:
. do dem's really have what the majority wants?
that majority is crying about jobs,
and it's only getting worse
since we are on the cusp
of a robotics revolution .
. the dem's have done much to lose jobs in the past
from finance dereg,
to free trade;
and, the only thing they've got going now
is admitting that the mideast war
is no way to keep us in jobs .
. the repub's may continue
shipping our jobs overseas,
but the dem's are talking about cap&trade,
championing moderate weather over jobs now .
[. I do have faith that conversion to solar
can both create jobs and reduce global warming
but I don't see a lot news about
how that's crystalizing .]
. and, it doesn't solve the relentless
overpopulation problem .
. it's only been solved before by crime and wars
--- hello?
is anyone getting tired of being taxed for prisons?
when does it end? ]

3.26: co.apt/pol/gold digger was the main menu, christian:

. I had just heard of another psychology experiment
showing how cruel people will be
when prompted by authority .
. some were going, "(no, not today);
and I was going, "(no,
they don't need authority to do that!)
I then joked about talking to the pilgrims:

. the gold diggers were just a side dish, right?
they were the main course, there, christian .

as if another:
. but phil, what if their response was "(so what?) ?

[what's it really about ?
a fine amer' being fruitful and multiplying
-- into your backyard!
lets call a gold digger a gold digger:
. the main course is convenience food,
not authority, or justice .]