free markets are freely misrepresented

3.9: rn.pol/the free markets are freely misrepresented:

. some talk radio is against changes in gov't
that are restricting the markets;
but this one is wildly deluded:
. villifying pharm's is causing them to go overseas?
the free markets themselves
are letting pharm's move their factories
to where costs are cheapest: in china,
with some major repackaging done in
nearby germany (closer than america) .
. and free markets for health insurance?
but it's not free:
we aren't free to ignore health needs
because we've been shamed into admitting
that would be immoral .
. we are not free to practice med without
cartel-priced licencing .
. people who want free market insur's
don't tell us we are free to ignore the sick
because then it would be obvious
they're not mainstream:
we are never going back to
telling the emergency wounded that
lack of an insur' card on their person
is going to put them in a body bag .