police are human beings

3.22: pol/drug war/police are human beings:

. what was that police officer thinking
when he said drug laws help catch
other criminals?
drug laws single-handedly create
so much heavy crime! [3.28: well, combined with
the use of anonymous cash and privacy rights ...]

. we need to legalize sales,
then have drug testing for
places where it matters .
. if your drugs violate your job,
you lose your job;
if your drugs are used while driving,
you get jailed .
. another option is going cashless:
use smartcards so that drug trades
are not anonymous .
. a problem then is bartering, eg,
human trafficking to support drug exchanges .

. robotic scanners in cars
can tell when driver is impaired .
. public scanning can keep drug use private .
. police are humans; they don't
stand a chance with that cowboy job
against militant drug gangs .
. if there's no reason to
inspect for drugs,
there's no reason to prevent drug use .

3.23: pol/surface oriented architecture:
. "(service) sounds like "(surface);
and the significance of that freudian slip
is esp'ly revealed by the term "(service member)
used in the context of service in war;
as in military policies that routinely use soldiers
like skin, where dead cells are used as shields .