cusion for trice Q seat


2.5: trike`seat/pipe`foam idea:
. looking through the mesh you can see the frame;
mark the inner edges of frame on mesh with cheap thread,
and then hand sew foam scraps to seat mesh
starting from thread guides
outward for as long as it takes foam to
do a 180 around frame .

2.19: proj.gear/trike`seat/foam:
. modified the co.trice idea of foaming seat frame
by sewing the foam to the fabric
instead of taping the foam to the frame .
. got the foam from trimming what's being used on the cot:
a backpack roll for under sleeping bag,
it's open-cell with a wavy pattern on one side,
I used 2 pieces together, so the both sides of product are smooth .
added 4 sets of stitches on either side
with carpet thread .
. see picts for how foam mis.migrated;
need to compensate the location to avoid that .

2.26: gear/trike/seat`foam/sheathing system:
. sewing the foam in place must be done by hand
and it must be done repeatedly if the foam gets flat;
hence, the need for a sheathing system:
. the sheath can be machine sewed, is reusable,
and old foam is quickly replaced .
. the sewing will also reinforce the binding of the straps
to the existing fabric .