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The Kryptonite New York Legend Chain Locks

$130 3ft
$180 5ft 16lb

Kryptonite New York Legend @ bikebone.com
$140 3'3"
$160 5ft
FREE SHIPPING Orders over $199.

more @ bikebone.com
$319.98 SR-i600 Scorpio Motorcycle Alarm FM 2-way Paging Security System

paging alarm advice
. devices with remote arming, perimeter sensors, anti-hijack set-ups,
ignition kill circuits, pagers .. .

Our Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 Classic
is fitted with a Scorpio alarm system
. pagers are a must-have
[alarms are often just a nuisance to all;
park it where you can see it]
. disabling the motion sensor
when you park in a very busy area.
. perimeter alarms
are for closed parking spaces only .


$319.98 SR-i600 Scorpio Motorcycle Alarm FM 2-way Paging Security System

$159.98 Oxford Chain Only 16mm 3.9ft
+20 4.9ft
+50 6.5ft

Scorpio rLink Moto GPS Alarm
you can access with iPhone smartphone or computer.

. the frame's pivot hole can take a short ulock,
and this could be secured by filling with concrete
except for size to pass chain through .
. concrete bandages could also tie chair to frame,
and chain pass through that,
but al'tube is so quickly cut through,
only the back wheel would be left .
. if multiple loops of chain&lock are used,
then it could fit the frame
esp'ly with a tough shell,
it's difficult to clear the shell
and then cut the seat tubing in 2places
to unhook the chain .

Oxford 16mm NEMESIS Chain + Lock
http://www.bikesax.com/. this mini u lock has room for several loops

There are two basic types of security chain, long link and short link. Long link chains have the ability to pass a leading link through any link along the chain, thereby allowing the user to customise the length of the chain according to the situation. Best practice is to keep it tight. Short link chains will always be heavier as well as not having the facility for shortening. You can shorten a short link chain by twisting it till it tangles up on itself, then you can lock it off, not ideal but every bit helps.
Plenty of chains boast "through hardening", this is generally bad, because a through hardened chain is brittle and usually only needs one side cropping, the other side shatters and the thief saves valuable time. Ideal scenario is a chain that is CASE HARDENED, that is hard as nails on the outside and ductile on the inside. There are several 16mm chains that offer varying levels of this on the market, it is VERY unusual to find a properly case hardened sub 16mm chain purely because it's so hard to achieve cheaply on a smaller size chain.

There are a couple of chains that do as well as the Almax,
The PJB 16mm stuff is ok, as id the (VERY) heavy English Chain 16mm
but only if they have Squire or CISA padlocks. [minimalist designs]
An exception to the 16mm rule is the truly dire Oxford Nemesis,
the only 16mm chain in the world
where the case hardening varied from link to link.

hardware store Cambell Security Chain.
This stuff is 3/8" thick made from Boron-alloyed steel and is Case-Hardened.
I suggest a lock with a case-hardened and shielded hasp.
Abus, American and Master make these and they are all excellent locks.
The ABUS DISCUS 40 sells for around $17.00.
The AMERICAN 5300 is the toughest and heaviest and sells for around $30.00.
because it is used by the military for high-security applications.

"triple-heat-treated, boron manganese steel".
Cambell Security Chain.
Bump Proof High Security Lock Cylinder

brit security:
. Irwin Record 42" manual bolt croppers are tool of choice;
need 16mm to stop these .
[. if noise is not a deterent,
then all chains are vulnerable to the hydraulic cropper .
. if out of view, an acetylene cutter is silent .]
. boron steel is to slow down angle grinder attacks:
the high grade boron steel material binds onto the disc.
. very long links allow variation of the chain's loop length,
and the binding of multiple chains with one lock .
brit$60 "Protector" 16mm professional series
This chain has a 16mm Link diameter and boron steel
Certificates:Sold Secure Motorcycle, Caravan, ATV, Motor Scooter, Bicycle, Commercial Vehicles, Car & Van Gold approved (July 2009-June 2010)
Awards: 10/10 Best Buy! (Cycling Plus magazine, June 2008).

Available with the Squire SS65 High security padlock.
CEN 6 rated (highest security rating) closed-shackle padlock.
Squire Stronghold Padlocks
Meet New CEN EN 12320 standard grades 3 to 6.
CEN security rating is the European Standards for padlocks and padlock fitting.
Ratings are awarded with the highest being 6
CEN 6 - SS65CS