christian soldiers

3.6: co.apt/pol/christian soldiers:
[after seeing the news portray usa soldiers as
having group prayers during battle:]
. why are they [usa news channels]
presenting the soldiers as christians?
they are there defending the amer'values
for the constitutional Great Smut!
[ref. to islam calling usa the Great Satan,
while pointing at our constitutional protections of
smut, and other immodesties or immoralities .]
. shouldn't it be the reverse?
reporting instead that we come
not to engage in religious wars,
and that we are going to clean up our citizens
in order to not offend modest sensibilities ??
. well,
I can understand this as excluding muslims
from fighting beside them,
and it may give them a morale booster to be
showing christian devotions for the news
to tease the muslims that are
giving them a hard time .
. conversely,
seeing soldiers showing religious pref's
reminds us that they're not just soldiers
but individuals from among citizens .