President Obama's health care video

pos.pol/health care/President Obama's health care video:
. the "final march" speech adds very little:
some republican demands were included;
but, there's still no mention of how to appease
the people that were worried about death panels .
. I still feel like I don't have
the ammo I need to defend this bill;
because, even though we do have
a need for mandatory health insurance,
we also need a menu of variously-priced plans,
where we're being rewarded with cheaper premiums
for contracting to accept less care .
. the main problem today is that people haven't been
given a chance to make that deal;
instead, they can just hope nothing happens,
and then when it does happen,
they accept every treatment to fix it
regardless of their lack of plans .
. the gov't has already made special plans
for religious groups that have a
history of refusing treatments .
. what we need now is a generalization of that:
who is it that really cares about death panels?
let their groups pay the premiums for that exorbitant plan .
. the issue of death panels
and the costly problem of doing without them
would then take care of itself,
except for needing a transition period
where the people who are nearing medicare
would get subsidized to give them the chance
to keep the same unpaneled plan they were promised .