Recovery Act with pork, love

co.pol/dem/Highway Hypocrite/my response:
. district Sen. Jon Kyl voted against
creating as many as 3.9 million jobs
when opposing the Recovery Act.
Will you write a letter now asking for immediate disclosure
of how much Recovery Act money has been requested for your area?
After all -- shouldn't members of Congress
be proud of fighting for jobs for their constituents?
(to my local repub senators):
. I don't think that's fair that dem's
call repub's Highway Hypocrites;
because, you could honestly say
none of us should be voting for it,
but if we did anyway,
then it only makes sense to have
your state get the most out of every bill
-- even bills the other side forced .
. I think the really hypocritical thing
is that the real reason Repub's are
against a porky jobs bill
is that the other side thought of it .
. they sure do believe in the military
and that untouchable medicare .
. what a bunch of porky jobs for pro's and soldiers .