thanks for toughing out this health care bill

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co.pol/{Arizona Daily Star, The Daily Territorial, USA Today, New York Times}/
thanks for toughing out this health care bill:

Dear Rep. Giffords,
. thank you so much for being a true
blue dog democrat -- a true fiscal conservative,
that is exactly the reason
I pumped $hundreds into this campaign .

. I'm sorry about the anger you rep's endured;
I watched your townhall meetings on
google( site:youtube.com giffords health care ) .
. the opposition claimed this bill was
not conservative,
but they know
they are just the sore loser half
that had their seat taken for the
I'm Bushed Years .
. I would ask them:
what is not conservative about
"(you pay for what you've been getting!)?
. how about
instead of our medicare "(death panels)
we gave them the honest conservative deal:
you take the same level of medicare
that you signed up for when medicare was created;
lets see them talk about honest conservatism then .

. too bad though that our bill didn't
offer them more choice:
one where we could sign a waver saying
we wouldn't accept any charity health care,
and then it would be fair if we
wouldn't have to pay any health insurance .
. but I believe in a right to die too,
so seeing people decline help
just doesn't touch me .

. I understand that you were in favor of tort reform;
did we get that ?
anyway, I have another fiscally conservative
idea for that:
rather than stopping the trials,
we could be getting at the root of the
medical errors:
those medical guys belong to a cartel
that artificially keeps their numbers low,
makes them operate alone with little sleep,
when instead
they should be working in pairs
like airline pilots .
-- and then we could quarter their $400k salaries .
. they talk about the quality of standards
when they set the bar so high for licensing;
but there is real safety in numbers
as is the case with pilots, juries,
and open source software .

. again, thank you so much,
I would be proud to fund your next election,