3.18: pol/stopthebrainwash.com:

. when I heard this author (stopthebrainwash.com)
explain what was setting us back,
I didn't know he was talking about african slaves:
his description seemed to apply to everyone:
. when we came to this country
[esp'ly for the industrial revolution]
we were stripped of our language, culture, family
-- everything !
. how many people can say they relate to
the european cultures of their forefathers?
all but the english lost their language too .
. we have nobody but the
boss and the state now;
and, of course,
the reason there's this ongoing
fight about getting too cozy
with the state (and welfare)
is that the boss in america
is typically not family
and has not one shred of loyalty .
. this would seem like a perfect reason for
mass imprisonment
but somehow the russian communists can match us .
(maybe it's the way
communism treats them like the homeless;
owning nothing but rights to a cot in a shelter?
-- nothing much to lose ... will often lose it;
then again,
they could be political activists
or unsharing types ) .

. stopthebrainwash.com has a guest who provided this link .