how money is the root of evil

3.20: co.apt/pol/how money is the root of evil:

. unlike credit's circle of trust
through 3rd party accountability,
money as cash is anonymous
making it easy to cheat consumers
or hide illegal transactions (see drug war).

co.apt/pol/root of all evil:
. the root of all evil is
secrecy for the sake of some's security
or financial competitiveness .
. private-sourcing a voting machine?
what were they thinking?

[. to say root of evil is money
would be true only if identifying money
as being a mere symbol for what is actually power
which usually means not just absolute power
but relative power as measured against
what power the competition has .
. trade secrets and privacy rights
are the primary tools of staying in power;
but, they are also the root of the devil's power
-- in that they are the root of all evil .

. to say that money is the root
is to ask how money differs from
power and secrecy,
and to ask what the alt's to money are .

. people who work for a product
they'll use
may not make a better looking product
and it might even have
obsolescence built in,
but it surely won't be
insidiously poisonoius,
either to the consumer
or the producer's neighbors .

. if there was only bartering
rather than money ?

. money is a convenient way of
metering wealth,
which is important when
people tend to demand more
than the stores will supply .
. the bottlenecks include
the reproduction of too many consumers,
some perceived difficulty with
being a producer,
some reason for limiting precursors,
and when a fear of shortages
encourages hording or gluttony .

. when there is perfect knowledge
(no secrets) then,
if we are in control of ourselves,
we can likely reason with people
about sharing
both in production and consumption .
. unfortunately, it's no secret
we have no control over reproduction;
so, the only way to encourage
is to promise supplies to those who
save money,
even in a world of gluttons ...]
[3.28: where the capacity to save wealth
may simply be used to consume excessively .]