the true cost of "(death panels)

3.12: pol/health care/the cost of inaction:

. according to Obama's "(the cost of inaction):
So how much higher do premiums have to rise
until we do something about it?
How many more Americans have to
lose their health insurance?
How many more businesses have to drop coverage?
How many more years
can the federal budget handle the crushing costs
of Medicare and Medicaid?
When is the right time
for health insurance reform?
Implications for States (pdf)
Failure to Enact Nixon, Carter, and Clinton Health Reforms
The Cost of Doing Nothing
If Reform Fails )
. people who don't want death panels are asserting
that their doctors are rational,
and therefore need not gov'guidance .
. what is really going on is that
people are not rational:
they want their doctor staying out of
their lifestyle choices,
and the only way the gov't
is going to save money
is by having the doctors draw
exactly those hard lines .
. your gov-mandated doctor will say:
. the research shows that your
lifestyle obesity
is going to be this black hole
that first swallows up a bunch of
medications that only bandaid the symptoms
and then goes on to devour
major surgical interventions .
. I can start you on those feel-good med's
or I can ask you to cooperate with a
dietician .) .
. who really has the death panels around here?
gov't control of doctors?
or corporate control of consumers?

cost of inaction is not so bad:

. I think what people are doing is this:
if the death panels are so great for us,
why don't you just apply them to medicaid?
. the medical system will never collapse;
the rich will pay for exactly the services
they use,
by using agents to negotiate fair prices
(vs the prices that are taxed to cover
what they spent on charity cases)
and those who do get driven to the poor house,
can then be fed to the death panels
on a per-lottery basis .
. actually that's not so random;
and this is why people feel safe
betting on it:
the one's who are most in need of medicals
are those who are driving small cars,
taking on the dangerous jobs,
and eating the cheap, poisonous foods .
. if eno' people get burned in medicaid,
then they may see the sense of
either higher taxes
or some sort of cap on services (death panels)
that apply only to the chronically ill:
the diabetics, the mentally ill,
and the other major sources of hormonal damage .

3.15: pol/health care/bluedog blues:
. right wing radio is right about
obama care is going to be more tax not less;
because, they know
amer's won't cooperate with preventive health;
they are going to take that universal health care
for one fat ride .
. one problem with a [let dumb be dumb].policy
is genocide:
the genetic strains that can't tolerate bad diet
are going to have all their child-rearing funds
diverted to managing diabetes, and disability ...
they can make a sure living from
disability insurance .
. whites tend to have most of the
anti-diabetic genes
since they have many generations tested against
cultures of tea, sugar, and grain-based diets .

3.21: news.pol/health care/spectator.org's obamacare:

. David Catron -- a health care revenue cycle expert, MBA,
with 20+ years working for and consulting with
hospitals and medical practices --
summarizes the situ' as Obama being your
typical promise breaker and flip-flopper;
and concludes that this is why
obamacare lost popularity .

. he doesn't even mention
the rage over death panels;
nor the fact that a good segment of the opposition
were seething about manditory health insur'
even when any unpaid economist will tell you
that one change
is the one that must happen
in order to stop the massive bleeding in our budget
and get fair rates out of insur'co's .

. he assumes that obama's election promises
should be applying in this situation;
his main job as pres' right now
is to play ball with congress;
how can agreeing with the majority of rep's
be a promise-breaker?
it just says he sees
that he can't have his way,
but the important promise to keep
is getting some health bill through .
. that was the big promise,
and both barrels are still blazing for that one .

. and as for public support,
are we really about democracy?
nazi's were all about democracy!
. if you just look at what death panels
really were,
it is the amer'public who are the
big flip-floppers:
. if you ask them if doctors have
sense eno' to run an abortion;
a good half will say no:
doctors don't have unlimited good sense .
if you ask these same people
if the doctor has the sense to
pull the plug on a corpse;
70% will say yes:
doctors do have unlimited good sense .
. this is what obama's empty patronizing
is fueled by .
. plus,
he has this ace up his sleeve:
he knows that if it
doesn't pass the way dem's deal it,
it's such an urgent issue that
there's always a next time
where they can then try those open meetings
with the republican ideas
that the dem's sneer is the same old
economics ideas proven wrong repeatedly .

. a comment points out Democrats have until April
for reconciliation to be used to push through the bill.

. a review of Catron's argument may find
it's really a left-handed critque
(using a weak critique
to make critics look weak) .

3.21: pol/neutered by poverty-specific pollution conspiracy:
. dioxin is an estrogen mimic
and only the poor are affected
because primarily the wealthy are highly educated
and only the educated are properly motivated
to follow the health advice of a low fat diet
and to eat low on the food chain .
. being vegan is sissy in all but educated circles;
being a carnivore is where the dioxins are concentrated .
. the amer'middle class have high rates of infertility
and this has been attributed to dioxins .
. since this sort of pollution
could have been predicted to affect
only the lower classes,
couldn't knowledge of dioxin's effects
constitute a conspiracy ?
. did I really kill that rude ignoramus,
if I just let him die ?
. could hormone-imbalancing pollutants
be deliberately reducing violence among the poor ?
[3.28: well,
that wouldn't make sense because
they're not that peaceful!
also, the poor are not that infertile;
it's mostly the middle class, isn't it?
. the only real conspiracy
is perpetrated by the supernatural:
the devil's primary goal is to
evolve technology -- including medical --
and dioxins are costing us so much
in treatments for cancer, heart disease, ...]

3.21: co.pol/dem/Congress has passed
comprehensive health care reform:

Barack Obama
date Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 9:02 PM
subj: Thank you, Philip
Philip --
For the first time in our nation's history,
Congress has passed comprehensive health care reform.
America waited a hundred years
and fought for decades to reach this moment.
Tonight, thanks to you, we are finally here.
Consider the staggering scope
of what you have just accomplished:
Because of you, every American
will finally be guaranteed
high quality, affordable health care coverage.
Every American will be covered under the
toughest patient protections in history.
Arbitrary premium hikes, insurance cancellations,
and discrimination against pre-existing conditions
will now be gone forever.
And we'll finally start
reducing the cost of care
-- creating millions of jobs,
preventing families and businesses
from plunging into bankruptcy,
and removing over a trillion dollars of debt
from the backs of our children.
But the victory that matters most tonight
goes beyond the laws and far past the numbers.
It is the peace of mind enjoyed by every American,
no longer one injury or illness away from catastrophe.
It is the workers and entrepreneurs
who are now freed to pursue
their slice of the American dream
without fear of losing coverage
or facing a crippling bill.
And it is the immeasurable joy
of families in every part of this great nation,
living happier, healthier lives
together because they can finally receive
the vital care they need.
This is what change looks like.
My gratitude tonight is profound.
I am thankful for those in past generations
whose heroic efforts brought this great goal
within reach for our times.
I am thankful for the members of Congress whose
months of effort and brave votes
made it possible to take this final step.
But most of all, I am thankful for you.
This day is not the end of this journey.
Much hard work remains,
and we have a solemn responsibility to do it right.
But we can face that work together
with the confidence of those who have
moved mountains.
Our journey began three years ago,
driven by a shared belief
that fundamental change
is indeed still possible.
We have worked hard together every day since
to deliver on that belief.
We have shared moments of tremendous hope,
and we've faced setbacks and doubt.
We have all been forced to ask if our politics
had simply become
too polarized and too short-sighted
to meet the pressing challenges of our time.
This struggle became a test of whether
the American people
could still rally together
when the cause was right
-- and actually create
the change we believe in.
Tonight, thanks to your mighty efforts,
the answer is indisputable: Yes we can.
Thank you,
President Barack Obama