I love the bus? not invented yet

12.17: pol/I love the bus? not invented yet:
. love the bus? after years of
multi-transfer commuting by bus,
I'd once decided that each employer
should be providing their own housing
just so we could avoid the frig'ing bus!
. I was later reminded by industrial accidents,
that there are good reasons
for not living near work!
. reviewing the issue, I finally found
a bus I could love:
. each employer does provide housing for each shift,
and also provides a private bus that links
an employer's home site with their work site;
with such direct routes,
the bus involves no waiting in unsecured places .
. busing works for shopping too,
when part of the gated community model:
your secure id card is the way to get on,
they charge you by debit;
so, there's no more being sardined with
unidentified terrorists or nutty criminals .
. there are direct bus lines between every mall,
and every gated community .
. people with behaviors lose their license to bus,
and must either use pedal cars,
or let relatives do the shopping .
. with the efficiency and safety of
the gated community model,
the usa's citizens could be on the path to
being competitive with chinese communism
while still retaining their std of living;
assuming that std doesn't continue to involve
gross denial of unhealthy lifestyles .
. buses that run clean green fuels,
could significantly reduce usa's exposure to
carcinogens in oil-based fuels;
but the greatest carcinogen in the usa by far
is their ignorance of hormone issues:
diets that raise insulin and cortisol,
and the use of female hormones to control birth .