existence proof

12.29: relig/god/existence proof:
. you can't disprove this universe isn't a
conspiracy involving a centralized emotion maker
(emotions aren't personal, they happen against our will
and are a sort of natural disaster:
they alone support overpopulation,
religous wars, and mental illness);
you'd hardly deny the existence of terrorists
just because there's no current proof of existence;
it would be taking more risk than necessary
to assume there's no conspiracy
unless it causes a dangerous aversion to risk
(if mob's, plagues, or politics
could upset your plans,
then you might want to put god out of mind).
. the corollary of conspiracy theory
is that Shush Happens Inside There!
and, in the long term, a belief in conspiracy
can be a healthy driver of preparation for
several worst-case scenerios converging .