valley fever surrounded by disbelief fever

11.1: web.health/valley fever/unbelievable illness fells baseball pro's:

. johnny bench got valley fever:
. Johnny Bench played at a golf tournament fundraiser
hosted by Buck Owens in Bakersfield
on a windy day in the early 1970s.
He contracted Coccidiodomycosis
and started exhibiting respiratory distress
a few weeks later with the Cincinnati Reds.
The doctors out there
weren't familiar with Valley Fever,
and before the possibility of cocci
(and a simple treatment with antifungals) was suggested,
he had already undergone a lung biopsy to remove the lesion,
which was suspected at the time to be cancer.
. imagine that, an athlete with valley fever;
when I had that I could hardly walk,
every joint I used or walked on
quickly became inflamed .
. this site is for a woman who got the fungus in her brain .
. disseminated coccidioidomycosis (valley fever)
with meningitis, the form of cocci
most likely to end in death.
. It's contracted from inhaling a fungal spore
that lies in the soil found in California's central valley,
where I had been visiting my parents.
. it's also in az, and nevada
-- 98.9 fm radio 11.10
. Here and Now host Steve Goldstein
talks to Dr. Hans Einstein, a Valley Fever researcher,
and Dr. David Nix of the College of Parmacy at U of A
about Valley Fever in Arizona.
The doctors answer listener calls
and explain what is being done to alleviate
the suffering of valley residents.
comments to valley fever blog:
. I am sooooo tired all the time,
pain in my joints, and so on.
. I am wondering about your valley fever;
I have been sick with VF for almost 6 years now.
It is so hard to find other people
who have had this experience
or a doctor that understands your problems.
Conor Jackson of the Diamondbacks
I just read that he missed the last 5 months
of last season due to his contracting
"valley fever"
... an illness caused by breathing fungi
in desert soils in the Southwest.
I have never heard of "valley fever" before.
Valley fever. Hmmph.
D-backs trade Jackson for A's Demel June 15, 2010
Jackson, 28, was a solid piece of Arizona's
lineup from 2006-2008,
when he batted .292 and averaged 14 homers and 71 RBI.
He missed most of the 2009 season
with what was eventually diagnosed as Valley Fever,
a fungal infection that saps the body's energy.