born-again conservative with Congressman Aaron Schock

5.10: news.pol/born-again conservative with
Congressman Aaron Schock:
Men's Health magazine/The Ripped Representative
America's Fittest Congressman:
The Aaron Schock Workout & Summer Challenge

Power Lunch
 . Schock represents Illinois's 18th
(the Abe Lincoln district)
and, as an icon of Men's Health
is a regular at the House gym,
weight training with P90X,
the Tony Horton  workout video .

this month Schock is launching the
P90X Plus - Workout DVDFit for Summer, Fit for Life challenge
to help Americans take control of their health.
"(Exercise is more important than diet for me
because it's a two-fer:
It keeps me in good physical shape,
and it relieves stress).

"(One of my favorite quotes
is from Ben Franklin, who said,
"(A good example is the best sermon) )
"(I didn't start working out until college,
[where it became apparent]
that if I didn't make some changes,
I was going to go in the wrong direction.)
Everyday Icon: Michelle Obama and the Power of Style
"(I think Michelle Obama is on the right track
with her Let's Move  obesity campaign .
She and I come from the same state, Illinois,
which is #4 in the nation for obese children.
-- 1/5 of Illinois children are "(obese).
Not overweight, obese.
And 2/3 of usa is either overweight or obese.
When people hear that, they're shocked,
and rightfully so.)

. while the average age of Congress is 57;
Schock is 10yrs out of highschool;
he won his first election at 19,
as a write-in for his local school board
I Can't Believe I'm Sitting Next to a Republican: A Survival Guide for Conservatives Marooned Among the Angry, Smug, and Terminally Self-Righteousafter the board prevented him from
graduating early .
. [some wonder if] he's a
party-line Republican,
[but surely he is] a committed
deficit hawk
when targeting health-care costs,
by promoting health and fitness
as a personal responsibility .

. his plan for growth includes tax incentives
Power From the Wind: Achieving Energy Independencefor alternative energy and infrastructure .
"(Think about what you'd like to do,
and then think about
what it's going to take
to get you there
... It's all about long-term
strategic thinking ...)

"( We desperately need
long-term strategies
on energy, health, education,
and a fresh water supply
20 years from now.
Too much thinking in Washington focuses on
immediate crises at the expense of
long-term strategic objectives.
That is the biggest overriding failure of
American government in the past 20 years.)
. the half of Congress that is over 60
won't be around for the consequences
of their misguided policies,
while Schock's generation will be soaked
for the rest of their lives.

the 3 most urgent issues are:

Bunny Hugged / Forward March Hare# Energy independence:
"( There is nothing more dangerous
than relying on foreign countries
for energy.
I am all for doing whatever possible
to get to a greater degree of
energy independence
as quickly as we can,
but with an understanding that,
Tapped Out: The Coming World Crisis in Water and What We Can Do About Itin the long run,
we have to develop renewable energy .)

# Clean water:
"(. the wells are drying up,
not just in California and the West,
but in Georgia, and Florida, too.
And we don't have a long-term strategy
for how we're going to manage this.)

Cyberpower and National Security (National Defense University)# Education:
"(The big issue for young people is
America's competitiveness)
"( we're not producing our own
math and science majors !
it's about spending more wisely
and being open minded about
adapting to successful teaching methods.
. our global competitiveness depends on
the quality of education in America.
It's that simple and that important .)

o o o
The Best of KFI's Phil Hendrie 1998: A Chilling Day for Talk Radio
. first heard about it from the
Phil Hendrie radio show
. he interviews an unbelievable
University of Washington`Professor
Don {Mixa, Micksa}
who? a regular on the show:
11-Nov-2010 in TRN Central News of the Absurd
Professor Defends Flunking of Student Who
"Snitched" on Cheaters
"( Professor Don Mixa of the University of Washington
discusses with Phil Hendrie
how he flunked a student in his class
who brought to the attention of school authorities
cheating being done by fellow students.)
--[ . this is just sarcastically mirroring life's lessons:
why don't people report cheaters?
because they will be punished for it
or hahaha: you're good at that,
so please keep coming back (history repeats itself).]

today's show:
. Mixa is a guest to comment on
the young republican congressman
who is shirt-open on a magazine cover
and saying people need new health choices .
. Mixa is pointing out that congressman Schock
has really made his conservative peers look bad,
and that this is no accident;
because, people who look so good
at the expense of their peers
are found later to be peer-damaged queers
out for mass revenge .

my reaction to Mixa:
. I'm thinking Mixa must be a fabrication
because to convince us
that he himself wasn't gay
he claimed to be having an affair
with an ex-student .
. later on I would also wonder if Hendries'
claim to being a conservative
wasn't also a fabrication;
the whole banter between them
seemed like so much self-spoof . [5.12:
but from the comments it appears that
regulars, too, thought this show
was worse than usual .]

. the news about the Men's Health congressman,
on the other hand,
seemed like such a victory for Jesus
-- but not for cornsyrup conservatives --
so then
to have self-proclaimed "(conservatives)
be such clowns around the issue
could have only meant that they were actually
flaming closet true-christian liberals
who simply wanted to give this win
some more attention .

. the wifeless JC looked queer too,
but he was the first true-christian;
King Corn (Green Packaging)likewise here is Schock saying
you can be a moral, capitalistic, family man
without saying that our new normal
will now be the
diabetes, cancer, and obesity epidemics
-- that are all due to cornsyrup being
the cheapest love on earth .

. Schock's exercise-centric healthcare
may be better at reducing stress
Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Mealthan diet is
but the primary reason usa is obese
coincides with queer capitalism's
replacing of sugar with cornsyrup .

. it's literally in everything!
the water, the meat, the meds, ...
what are you doing?!
. 2/3 of Americans are overweight?
I think capitalists are trying to breed-weed:
obesity increases pregnancy complications
The New World Order: Facts & Fictionand causes hormone dysfunctions that can
affect the sexuality -- and fertility rates --
of the next generation .

"( Schock is a committed deficit hawk
who favors tax incentives
to spur investment in alternative energy ...
and is fighting health-care costs
by turning around the obesity trend;
also, usa needs to get competitive by producing
more of its own engineering graduates .. )
he's a conservative?
what's he conserving? america?
now, that's queer (unusual for capitalists)!
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