dreamed Obama's been divorced

11.5.5: pol/dreamed Obama's been divorced:

. I'm not recalling dreams too well these days,
but I had a vague memory of another memory
of dreaming about Obama
having a divorced wife who was angry with him .

. my caffeinated interpretations stirred:
the only thing like a divorce in his life
has been a trivial association with Islam
resulting in a "(conversion) to Christianity;
. before I researched this article
I was under the impression he was raised Islamic;
and, in places where Osama bin Laden ruled,
conversions might have had you killed;
so, in my dreams the night before,
the idea of an Obama conversion from Islam
was just as loaded as a divorce .

. next I was reminded that today's Christians
-- as Obama is a proud member of --
have divorced themselves from
the realities of what JC would have wanted .

. the usa's war in Afghanistan
is an obvious display of
revenge-style justice
in contrast to prevention-style
where we promise better airport security .
(what could be bring more closure
than "(that aweful crime
will never happen again!) ?
. now, it's no accident that
every usa president
has claimed to be a Christian;
because, usa is 75% Christian;
yet, these same revenge-seeking masses
present JC as loving the whole world
implying they expect us to
turn the other cheek for the whole world .

in fact, JC said this of revenge-style justice:
. for family dealing with family,
you should turn the other cheek,
rather than take an eye for an eye;
(Matthew 5:38-42, Luke 6:27-31) .
(in the case of non-family,
JC might still take eye for eye
-- or an Osama for a suicide bomber).
. but JC didn't just turn cheek for family;
he was also meek toward the fed's too;
yes, but that was just to stay focused on
making his persecuters look unfair;
elsewhere he does explicitely say
he's all about how family treats family .

. it all works out for Christianity, however;
because, the Christians are doing
what JC would actually do,
rather than what they [/]claim JC would do .
in fact,
JC didn't intend anything like Christianity
as it exists today;
he would not have worshipped a son of g-d
as being a facet of g-d
(except, of course, in as much as
anybody is the will of {g-d, satan});
and, he wasn't being worshipped:
people magically followed JC around
only because
Jews followed rabbis around .
. he was a good Jew, making Jews better!
-- his self-sacrificing protests were for
The Least of These Jews -- not the world .

. when today's Christianity claims that
JC intended on saving everyone;
that implies a follower should
turn the other cheek for everyone;
therefore, a Christian's response to 9/11
should have been non-violent;
so, just logically,
today's Christian would have provided
better airport security
and pleaded with the Zionists
to relocate near Christians who love them .
. but this is not
what usa's Christian wants .

. again, the Christians are doing
what JC would actually do:
“Render unto Caesar
the things which are Caesar’s,
and unto g-d
the things that are g-d’s”
-- Matthew 22:16-22
. JC never said he was
proud to fund Caesar's Roman federation;
those people were just the ugly reality
not the family he would die for .
. likewise, Islamic terrorists are not family;
they are just another federation attempt;
and while usa's Christians are following Christ,
Christianity's story is just lost in the weeds .

true healing:
. the sweetest revenge is
living en masse in wealthy peace,
my fellow revenge-loving proliferators .
. an Americanized (scienphilic) Islam
could emphasize the rational;
and make the dictatorial irrelevant .
. to the Islamic teen on the street
usa could look like the real Islam
-- no longer the Zionist installer
or Osama puller .
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