the living bible should be growing

4.25: adds/relig/the living bible should be growing:

The Animated Stories From the Book of Mormon Journey to the Promised Land. the bible was about new tech:
both the idea of documentation
and the selection of content .
. the oral or written word
as a public safety vehicle,
the content that needed delivery:
# the non-linear ways of the
supernatural in psychology,
# the cycles of wealth and poverty,
# the pitfalls:
adaptations for yet-to-be-discovered germs .
. so, it seems ironic,
that given such a great start,
bible authoring would be left as untouchable
rather having each culture add to the bible
with the best of its own books .

4.28: the way to truth is down:
. the problem with building a bible,
as the jews have shown,
is that when you teach how life works,
they murmur about how you work .

adds/relig/islam/the mormon bible of judaism:
. Islam is the mormon bible of judaism;
this, I noticed just hours after realizing
that a healthy bible continues to be appended:
. a culture's bible should contain
all the current info on what can
protect our health,
and otherwise solve our problems .
. if there is no agreement,
there should be a book on that instead .