anti-obama is not exactly anti-liberal

4.26: pol/zionism/anti-obama is not exactly anti-liberal:

. conservatives are really just liberals for
corporates, bankers, oilers, and financiers!
. I'm hearing that same thing plastered across
Mark Levin's show this evening! [4.26]

. first there's an ad' for the Laura Ingraham show
where she reminds us that Obama
is trying to raise the nation's debt ceiling
when doing so will only tell congress
to just keep on doing what they have been .The Obama Diaries
. what about the fact that
most of the trillions being spent
are to wrap up a conservative's war?
and the corporate bailout ?
wasn't that for preserving
the little guy's jobs?
-- not just the dem'voting union jobs .

. while some may say the housing crisis
was caused by socialistic dem's,
we've had the Bush admn get a chance to
undo Clinton's undoing of the
finance watch laws;
-- but, hey, why would a conservative do that?
that was so liberating for bankers;
conservatives are really just liberals for
corporates, bankers, oilers, and financiers! [5.2:
. what's wrong with being
liberal for capitalists?
Professionally Framed President Ronald Reagan Republican 80s Poster Art - 11x17 with RichAndFramous Black Wood Framewhat's wrong with free parenting
alongside free outsourcing of jobs?
huh?, when you said outsourcing
you just kissed off Reagan's trickle down theory.]

. in Laura's defense,
we're not here to preserve jobs,
we're a capitalism harnesing a
chinese communism
and harnessing as well
that religious dictator of India
who is chronically overpopulating a mud pit .
. just who is Laura's constituency?
perhaps the hard-working, money-saving Christians
-- let's hope so, for the sake of her ratings .

Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto. then comes Levin himself:
. Obama wants to cut off the oiler's
$4B subsidies;
Mark warns us that this will only
tax you at the pump;
well, yes, we know subsidies are
a form of socialism:
when you stop getting
cheese and butter subsidies,
you pay the true cost of the cow .
. I've often suspected Levin is really just anti-Obama
rather than being solidly pro-conservative;
but now he's slashing Obama for being anti-socialist?
. or is socialism ok for corporates ?
yes, even with billions in profits
to fuel its own R&D
you need a break at the gas pump!
. conservatives are really just liberals for
corporates, bankers, oilers, and financiers!

. in Levin's defense,
Obama rode in on a ticket of Palestinian fairness
even at the expense of Israel;
he also wanted to make up with the communists,
Fatal Embrace: Christians, Jews, and the Search for Peace in the Holy Landnotorious for using the Jews to gain liberation
only to brutally turn on them,
suggesting they should goto ...
back where they came from !
. Obama needs to realize that
Islam is to Judaism
what Mormons are to Christians;
ie, Muslims are the true Jews!
-- not the anti-Jews!!
and, they're bringing the New Testament's
real translation,
(they are the true christ respectfuls also!)
so, having the latest superpower
bedding Muslims with old-style Jews
-- like they were prison mates --
is not ever going to bring stability .

. the soviet-era Jews scoffed at zionism as escapist
and only the likes of Hitler and Stalin
could have convinced them otherwise .
. Obama's fairness doctrine is such that
military aid to Israel depends on how Israel
works at negotiations with Palestine;
but, this will do nothing for
curbing Islamic resistance;
there are only 3 choices:
the possibilities of globalized zionism:
America's Secret Recreation Areas: Your Recreation Guide to the Bureau of Land Management's Forgotten Wild Lands of the West
usa is zion
#resettle zion:
. the New World is so obviously
the Promised Land;
usa has 245 million free federal acres,
-- 13 percent of the total usa land surface
and more than 40% of all usa's fed land .
. in order to provide zionists with
what they're getting from Israel,
we'd need just 5 out of that 245 million acres,
445 sq.km (172 sq mi) of inland water,
and 273 km of coastline .

. overwhelming force might be used
to What Everyone Needs to Know about Islamdivide and conquer the Muslims;
but, if you haven't checked lately,
the Islamic world is huge .

. Islam is just as reasonable as the next
paternalistic dictatorship
(eg, drug wars jail our children,
privacy is kingpin of domestic violence,
bureacrats tax our residential property
instead of taxing what generates profit
and corporates outsource our jobs).

true Islam supports christian american values:

. you can do what Islam's founder intended;
it doesn't have to be foreign;
here's my first draft of how even a
capitalistic Christian or Jew could love Islam .

. there are many branches of Islam,
and while they all laugh at other branches,
they'd at least agree that a partial believer
is far better than an anti-believer .

. Islam's founder was greatly influenced
-- not by slavers and polygamists, but rather --
by his first wife (a 25-year monagamous marriage);
and, rather than being a founder of polygamy
he mentioned it simply to restrain
the current Arabian practices;
and, his policy mirrors that of
prior Jewish prophets .
. to the extent that polygyny cares for widows,
a monagamous version of Islam could
have the same effect by
fully funding communes for single women,
orphans, and disabled elders .
. each commune would be
abstractly fathered by a
particular constitution such that
only like-minded women lived together;
troubled women could live without children
in exchange for less financial freedom
(part of cutting costs is by
having everyone eat the same meals
and buying toiletries in bulk).

. the only thing Islam asks of capitalism
is that we make money from stocks exclusively
rather than bonds and other forms of usury;
-- Islam could have prevented the housing crisis
by dealing only in housing stocks, not bonds .

manditory conversions:
. it is true that Islam requires evangelism;
however, this is nothing new to
american capitalists who are
so quick with a civil war
or a stream of frivolous law suits,
that their openness to destruction
would make islamic terrorism look tame !
seriously, though;
this mandate simply follows the Jewish example
of being smart about protecting culture;
 if you let a communicating body fester,
that body infects you and your children .
. foreignized Islam is easy to demonize,
but your own brand of Islam -- amen! --
should be in the federal constitution .

. at the time of Islam's founding,
the forced conversions by Islam were
simply to guard against
equally virulent conversions by Christians
which were turning their neighbors against them
replacing their local gov't control
with that of the Catholic empire's elites .
. Americans required conservative conversions too:
even if you thought communism was a nice path
to a steady income and decent labor rights,
anybody who mentioned communism in america
was actively conspired against .
. Americans require drug-free conversions:
even when entire states demanded access to marijuana,
the federation would convert them
by using its own police to uphold the law .

. at the mention of "(usa is the Great Satan),
one of the first things
a foreign Muslim thinks of
is the laws protecting freedom of pornography .
. Islam's prophet had 2 branches of activity:
# bringing the final message:
ie, no Jew-hating idolatrous charades,
# applying the current Word to his community:
ie, laws for public health and fairness .
. this is the context under which Islam
demands sexual purity;
all communities did this to inhibit promiscuity
and thereby protect against disease
(not to mention hard feelings:
JC's performance as a rabbi was
deeply affected by the rumor that
his genetic father was unknown).
. even more than public health, though,
the Word demands rapid population growth
for promoting war, evolving technology,
and protecting the future;
. if you can find some other way
toward that end
then you are welcome to practice birth control
including the use of the sort of porn
that women in your community would find to be
respectful or mutually effective;
the peaceful way is not easy:
just think of how costly war is!
how much renewal of all things it causes:
that's the actual tax that g-d demands
to protect eternal future .

. what was the point of such showy prayers?
you could replace that with any sort of
frequent reaffirmations:
look straight up and chant several times:
"( I believe in one g-d,
a spirit that creates our emotions
like a director writes the scripts of actors .
. I believe in protecting feelings,
and I believe others possess feelings .)
. if you speak english,
you already speak the global tongue;
Arabic is a nice,but the point was that
all believers should speak a common language .
Iranian muslims don't speak Arabic either
although they share most of the same alphabet .

. Islam did specifically renounce
the theory that JC was "(the son of god)
but that is just symbolic language anyway,
like cussing
-- save it for the battlefield !
. a whole reading of the New Testament says
JC was of g-d, not of the devil,
meaning that he had good intentions,
he was not merely self-important .

. Islam did say Islam's founder was the final word;
and, that's not surprising
if you look at their perspective of history:
. in summary,
Jews were Chosen to dominate
if they followed the Word;
christians convinced the world that
anyone could be dominant
if they followed the Word
which now included a belief
that JC was the son of god
(an idolatrous heresy).
. Islam provided the final prophet:
you have the Word,
it applies to the whole world;
but it specifically does not include
a belief that JC was the son of god
-- or any other form of idolatry .

g-d's message is given to the Jews:

. culture should use law to prevent diseases
and catastrophes (floods, slavers, plagues, rapes, ...);
these laws should include dietary advice,National Geographic Guide to the National Parks of the United States, 6th Edition
sexual practices, finance, foreign policy,
and the ways of the supernatural;
eg, the supernatural is real;
it does not depend on the natural
(1st law against idolatry).
. to promote both our
familial and cultural values,
the nursing parent should be
familiar with the culture
so that the first 3 months of life
are immersed in that culture;
ie, infants might learn by
synchronized thinking .
(that's why a true Jew must have a Jewish mother;
if, on the other hand,
the male provided the infant care,
then the father would have to be Jewish).

. the culture should insure that the
culture multiplies
(the g-d wants to evolve technology
that in turn insures eternal survival;
towards that end,
we must either be massively aware
of the need to multiply high-tech R&D;
or we must multiply the populations;
because that at least will
force the resource contentions
that in turn will cause
the wars that evolve technology .)

. Jews knew the Word of g-d
and believed their genetic family
was specifically Chosen:
ie, there would be many descendants,
and they were collectively promised a profitable future .

. while Jews of JC's era understandably believed
that JC misrepresented g-d's Word
Christians believed JC was a prophet,
ie, able to speak on g-d's behalf;
and they interpreted his message
as meaning that everyone
who believed what Jews believed
could equally be Chosen .

. JC had been an icon of equality:
"(if Jews are g-d's Chosen,
then even the least of Jews should be Chosen;
so, even if being ill doesn't seem Chosen,
we still don't make lies about them being sinners
or about g-d making them ill in order to
punish personal sins;
we stand by them and cure their illness)
. the elites, however,
had a different sort of illness to cure:
every time they got things productive,
the mobs would overpopulate and dilute the wealth;
so, you have to find some way to
organize mobs into armies;
then elites survive while armies die .
(not a bad deal since mobs started it, eh?);

. JC's message might seem to say
that the right thing to do
is to yell at the elite until they share more;
but that would dilute everyone's wealth
and leave them vulnerable to the mob next door .
. so, the elite's deal must be:
a christian mindset should be all about
dying to push your beliefs for their own good;
that way we can attack pre-emptively,
and while the mobs still suffer
under such poverty and inequality
it's because the mobs next door won't believe;
because if they did, they would share !

. next door to JC was the arabian peninsula,
where Islam's founder resided;
and, 500 years later, when Islam was born,
Christians had by then,
increasingly over-simplified the story,
in order to convince the overpop'ing masses
to adopt the elite's Christian culture .

. like JC's King of the Least of these Jews,
 Islam's founder was a reluctant prophet,
and, he worried about
the life of cultural reform being one of
pitiful self-sacrifice;
but if he succeeded, arab culture would be
not only safe from invasion,
but a much better place for women, children,
charity cases, and those needing loans .

. when the Christians gave him the Word,
what he noticed about their "(son of god)
was that he loved a Bible which
warned repeatedly about the very idolatry
that the Christians seemed to be guilty of:
# worshiping the physical as being god;
so, there was the final Word:
. in declaring JC was a form of g-d;
Christians were trampling on
the very Jewish beliefs
that made Jews the Chosen ones .

I'm stopping to look up now:
. I believe in one god,
a spirit that creates our emotions
like a director writes the scripts of actors .
. I believe in protecting feelings,
and I believe others possess feelings .
. all my hate was written by the same g-d
that wrote all the actions I hated;
hater and hated were both defending feelings,
and in both cases g-d was defending future .
. feelings are adaptable suggestions;
they come from g-d -- not your brain*
. we should talk more
about when to compromise
vs when to privatize,
vs when to respectfully segregate
-- but, without leaving anyone
in a ghetto or a war zone --
vs when to demand of our mobs
far more R&D and less children;
ie, g-d's peaceful path to perfection .
*:  I'm not denying brain imbalances can
sometimes cause lack of self control
only asserting that when it feels natural
look again, you're in the Matrix).

4.28: pol/zionism/psychological judo:
. Islam should by using psychological judo,
and instead of resisting zionism
encourage it as part of an anti-nazi act;
the Nazi's, when they force-marched jews to Zion,
weren't resisting what Islam resists
no, they were national socialists,
and they were resisting
open competition by foreigners
-- they may as well have resisted open evangelism;
the jews in Germany were setting a good example
of what a tight-knit culture can do
for competitiveness .

The Nation's Largest Landlord: The Bureau of Land Management in the American West

Wild lands of the West: The Story of the Bureau of Land Management