great (ubiquitous) satan

Gold Digger [Explicit]4.30: adds/relig/we cause them:
. that character singing
"(I ain't saying she's a gold digger)
why did he expect her to work ?
why did she expect him to separate ?
-- you can't sort it out;
you need to admit
that when they're both
cheating each other
is cheating the kids;
hey! we're cheating the kids !
. we caused "(them) . we can finish it ... (5.2:
by demanding that parenting is not private;
parenting is done by communes .)

co.apt/adds/relig/[address: one great satan]:
Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment)
. from listening to a song about
how many G$ our prostitution makes,
I became convinced that we need
a complete paper trail!
. all you white collars
are you really worth all this money
for ... whatever for ..
crack & disease-spread
-- not to mention our being
responsible for this:
we don't seem to have a problem with
over'pop or under employment
or parents under educating;
we have such resourceful ways of
creating "(real value) .
at the expense of others .

conservatives agree:
. americans are the great satan ?
whats wrong, really?
we're not paying attention to the
real way that psychology works:
. the ways of usa's culture
may work now,
but it can't work forever
(due to overpopulation),
and even the voice of conservatives
will soon be saying we need
more compassionate control
-- much more .

america, beautiful!:
. everyone in usa is a potential satan
religion is not an option;
it's the future,
and if you have a problem with it
you should be adapting it to meet that future;
uh, yea,
that is usa's problem
how they got "(great satan)!
(5.2: the way usa adapted religion
it is pathetically diluted
in order to look good while also
protecting cohesion at all costs
-- even if that means protecting privacy .
. if it makes money it makes good
no matter what it did to your job
or even your culture!)
if they had christ's all-included policy
they would have accepted islam's corrections;
muslims aren't anti-jesus christ at all;
just anti - militant ch'istian mythology .

5.1: drugs are untrackable money:
. the problem with money tracking is that
drugs can be used as currency;
the people who make drugs
have a virtual money printing press
for buying not only sex
but also stolen goods
and any other illegal service .
. our life must be arranged with more security
it should not be so easy to steal,
and how people spend their time should be public
or at least not private .

5.1: you ignore the way:
. for the unwilling prostitutes
of india -- and even america --
you know the way is wicked,
and you know the folks who want it (5.2:
everyone who reserves privacy rights).