marijuana's role in schizophrenia

4.28: news.pol/medipot/pot's role in schizophrenia:
. pot before age 15 increases the risk of schiz'ia;
and, while there has not been an increase in schiz'ia
to match the increase in today's pot use,
there has likely been
no such increase in the teen world,
since the major cause of teen drug use
has nothing to do with policy!
. rather, it is a lack of teen supervision
and our inability to effectively fight a drug war
in an environment of privacy rights .
Bob Marley - Smoke the Herb Man! Best Seller Poster Print, 22x34. pot increases dopamine,
and anti-schiz' drugs inhibit dopamine;
but the actual connection has to do with
a little-understood aspect of schiz'ia:
the major problem for the schiz'ic
is secretly breaking taboos
and then discovering the existence of
a spiritual world where there is no way
to hide secrets from telepathy .
. pot's increase of dopamine is both
The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-smokers Using Allen Carr's Easy Way Methodhypersexualizing and disinhibiting,
making a youth more likely to
follow taboo impulses;
finally, the inevitable maturation process
(becoming aware of supernature)
means getting outed by telepathy
which then causes psychoses .
. what I'm suggesting here is not that
every schiz'ic necessarily has
a problem with taboo secrets,
but with secrets in general;
ie, feeling too vulnerable from exposure,
(eg, others knowing you have no fighting skills
when you have very damaging opinions of others).
Crippled Lucifer
. anyone who doesn't admit the same
either hasn't matured, or
is not comfortable with
-- in any substantial way --
discussing the supernatural;
perhaps for the same reason
we have a history of burning witches,
so lets not even go there (?#!) .