Ancient Israel from Noah to Jesus

3.1...6.28: relig/judaism/ancient history of the 12 tribes:
. this is a resource & project file
for ancient Israel's history,
as that is a prerequisite for understanding
Armeggedon, the apocalypse, and Cahn's The Harbinger .

. it resulted in an ebook:
Ancient Israel from Noah to Jesus:

3.21: co.self/dream/relig/judaism/
tribes associated with various colors of translucence:
. Israel's tribe of ephraim was associated with clear
the other tribes each had other translucent colors .
3.26: web: the new years:
In ancient Israel, the start of the ecclesiastical new year
for the counting of months and festivals (i.e. Nisan)
was determined by reference to Passover.
Passover is on 14 Nisan, (Leviticus 23:4-6 )
which corresponds to the full moon of Nisan.
As Passover is a spring festival,
it should fall on a full moon day
around, and normally just after,
the vernal (northward) equinox.
If the twelfth full moon
after the previous Passover
is too early compared to the equinox,
a leap month is inserted
near the end of the previous year
before the new year is set to begin.
. the 2 new years:
spring equinox(shortly after it):
. The 1st of Nisan is the new year for
kings and feasts
summer equinox (october-september)
the 1st of Tishri is the [civil] new year
for the years of release and jubilee years,
for the planting .
4.23: relevance:
. among the influential elite,
it was obvious that the supernatural
(the author of dreams and intuition)
did have something useful to say about
selecting lifestyles that would protect us;
so this "g-d's word" from wise elders
became the basis for their legal system .
. notice how this differs from tyranny:
the law is permanent and dependable,
whereas a tyrrants whims are not .
thus, judaism becomes an icon of law-based rule .
. they have prophets that speak about
the same problems we have:
after periods of much wealth creation,
they had heavy population growth,
which then becomes a problem
as it leads to growing poverty and crime
and forsaking of wealth4all morality .
. god said
thou shalt be fruitful & multiply,
and not kill even when overpopulated;
so, the only solution god had in mind
was getting other nations to do the killing,
blamed on your nation's sin, of course;
or, possibly winning every war,
and eventually dominating the entire planet .
. this calling to lead or provoke invasions
would result in evolving the best invaders .
. the peaceful way would be to
re-interpret god's calling to multiply:
the saying "be fruitful and multiply"
means do multiply only if you
managed to be economically fruitful .
. modern capitalism seems to say that:
let the rich do the breeding,
and let the nations compete in the business domain
rather than on the battlefield .

3.15: the main lesson:
. the bible offers an example of
wealth through eugenics
(selective breeding of cattle and servants);
. god's path is about longevity & fertility;
god's army is 2 camps
as part of diversifying one's investments:
don't put all your eggs in one basket .
. that was seen when Israel divided off ephraim
in order to save judah from the assyrians .
. ephraim wanted to tackle the assyrians
but judah thought it safer to be taxed by them .
. another way Israelites have divided
is over how much to assimilate the taxer's culture .
. only hellenized Israelites survived greeks,
only christianized Israelites survived romans,
only wealthy Jewish people survived nazi's .
. wealth is the primary 2-camp nature of god:
by not sharing wealth you have 2 camps:
the poor who implement fertility for expansion
and the wealthy who preserve the culture
who have the golden parachute
when the expansions get pushed back .

. Judah was forecasted to offer the longevity
yet was not the eugenic choice .
(Judah's mother was the unattractive sister
who was bundled with the preferred wife)
the eugenic choice was rachel
who gave birth to Joseph;
and Joseph's son Ephraim would be the tribe
that pulled apart israel over taxes
and would be counted among
the 10 lost tribes .

. Jacob blasts Levi the priests as secretive
yet they still thrive as a co-pillar of Judah .

4.10: god-ordained dominator theory:
. when people are invaded
the victim's demise had nothing to do with
their sinning against god;
rather, god just told someone else
that they were offensive or not defensive,
but when the the god's chosen are invaded
(assyrians, babylonians, greeks, and romans)
it's because the chosen have offended the god .
. it makes sense if you remember that
the god promised success for your people;
and, the god doesn't lie ... .]
. anyway, it's always about justice;
but perhaps in the Armegeddon scene,
justice gets trounced by the god:
everybody around the Islam-Israel contention
thinks they stand for justice:
either they defend Islamic Palestine
or they re-establish Jewish Israel
and yet both sides are getting utterly nuked
(if the illuminati plan comes through)
but who actually gets nuked?
not the bunkered elite of either side .
who got taxed so they could be nuked?
the defenders and prosecuters of israel .
. what did they have in common?
they were of no further use to the elite .


4.23: a devilish god:
. Genesis 22 tells of god requiring child sacrifice;
but then an Angel says it's only a test .
. it's only by god being devilish
that we learn to separate our thoughts into
routine, devil, and g-d .
. another twist on the same data
is just what the schiz'ic learns:
we don't learn to question the mind
until the mind starts acting questionable,
by not being self-serving .
. the best of selfless
is not really selfless it all,
it simply redefines self as
family, community, or country .

. the key to the abraham-tested story
of genesis 22
is the preceding interaction with the
mocking philistine:
. your god is with you in all you do,
oh and I was blind to
my men stealing your waterhole;
how does god promise to clear our way,
and then sacrifice our water hole?
god's answer in the next chapter is:
let's ask why god would
sacrifice our children:
it may appear for a time that
our children are taken,
but later we find this was all in our mind;
and likewise with the water,
one lost waterhole
is not the end of the water supply .

but also interesting is the long-term plot:
. the god promised Abraham all this land
but the philistines, we learn later,
would not be easily conquered,
and here in our first meeting with the natives,
is this Philistine laughing about
how the god backs everything abraham does,
when the narrator knows otherwise .

the philistines are also pivotal to
illuminati story:

. they are the setting for the Sampson story
where the Israelite has superhuman control
but loses it for breaking god's law
(about not cutting certain hairs).
. Sampson judges (punishes) the Philistines,
but in the process, he also judges
his nation, Israel, as well;
(ie, while Sampson was a catastrophe to enemies,
he was also often an embarassment to family).
. this story about Sampson
mirrors the illuminati story about Israel:
. zionism is like Sampson,
and {Islam-Communism, Chrisianity}
is like the Philistine enemy:
zionism will destroy itself
in the process of destroying the enemy .
. just as Samson was getting destroyed anyway,
because he was being made a human sacrifice
to the Philistine's god,
zionism also was getting destroyed anyway,
by the opponents, first Christianity,
then Islam, later backed by communism .
5.12: 6.30:
. from the view of Luciferianism,
Christianity, Islam and zionistic Judaism
are all cults that deserve each other
... well they are all part of the god's plan
to use war for the evolution of technology .