#gmo academics is not compromised

9.9: news.pol/healthcare/gmo/academics is not compromised:
gmwatch.org folta-affair-exposed-in-the-new-york-times
Folta was revealed by Freedom of Information requests
to have accepted $25,000 from Monsanto,
even though he had repeatedly denied having any Monsanto funding.

There is no evidence that academic work was compromised,
but emails show
how academics have shifted from researchers to
actors in lobbying and corporate public relations campaigns.
The fight between the competing academics
is not focused on questions about the safety of
genetically engineered seeds themselves.
The sides are fighting mainly over the safety of herbicides
used in so-called genetically modified organism, or G.M.O., crops.

the emails:
. posted online by the New York Times,
with a commentary by the NYT editors.

U.S. Right to Know has filed state Freedom of Information Acts
requests to try to obtain the emails and documents of 43 public university faculty and staff,
to learn more about this public relations effort.
Thus far, we have received documents in nine of these requests.
So, most of the documents are likely still to come.
Some may arrive next week, others may perhaps take a year or even more to arrive.

facebook's We Love GMOs and Vaccines:
. aren't you worried about giving vaccines a bad name?