rodeo is getting more dangerous #childcare

2.15: news.health/rodeo is getting more dangerous:
kids in rodeo:
"Cody Custer ... won the 1992 Professional
Rodeo Cowboys Association World Championship,
... He says 11-year-olds are now getting on
the kinds of bulls he rode in college."

The New Yorker mag`Bilger 12.10:
. bulls are being bred to be buckier than before;
only the steers (castrated) are safe to ride now;
at "futurities" bulls get rode by dummies .
. the more aggressive bulls sometimes gore each other;
often this starts when they try to hump each other .

. a bull futurity competition is
between bulls of age 2 to 4 years;
people pay an entry fee in order to see a bucking bull
before they bid for it.
Two-year-old bulls are rode by dummies
(see a Remote-Controlled Bucking Dummy)
while three- and four-year-old bulls
get the opportunity to buck humans .
. the dummy weighs around 25 pounds
and is released by a remote after 4 to 6 seconds .