@VeteransToday 's Gordon Duff with Dr. Judy Wood #911truther

2.13: news.pol/911truther/VeteransToday.com's Gordon Duff:
audio of Pete Santilli show:
. Santilli converses with Gordon Duff,
Senior Editor with VeteransToday.com.
. both agree with Dr. Judy Wood's analysis
that 9/11 was evidence of
directed free-energy technology,
but Duff warns the deep state will hurt us
if influential people expose classified technology .
. see also transcript .

2.13: news.pol/911truther/Richard C. Hoagland:
2013.1 co.projectavalon.net:
. Are Peter Santilli, Dr. Judy Wood, Dr. Morgan Reynolds
and Richard C. Hoagland, of only small group,
attempting to provide the truth of our circumstance,
and thus, its solution?
2.16: Andrew Johnson writes about Hoagland:
A number of people have already made remarks such as
“Isn’t it fantastic that someone like Richard Hoagland
is endorsing Dr. Judy Wood’s research??”
Well, this might be true if he was presenting it
fairly and accurately.
However, as you will see from details discussed below,
Mr Hoagland made a number of serious errors and omissions
in his presentation ...