Dr. Morehouse annoyed at remote viewing 9-11

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/Dr. David Morehouse annoyed at remote viewing 9-11:
. remote viewing is the use of prayer
to get private info about events .
. last year the big news in remote viewing
is farsight.org's exposure of the 9/11 event
as a conspiracy among usa's own government,
but they contradicted the evidence showing
the trade tower dustification was from
a classified beam weapon technology
rather than some clean nuclear bomb .
. a magazine about remote viewing, Eight Martinis,
interviewed Dr. David Morehouse
and he was not excited about remote viewing
because he wasn't into conspiracy theories!
. he was likely thinking like me
what difference does a conspiracy theory make
if it doesn't expose the biggest story:
9/11 was evidence of directed free energy technology .

Farsight Institute, Atlanta, GA
subject: Farsight News - 14 February 2015
"the new edition of Eight Martinis is now out!"
-- a magazine about remote viewing .

. Dr. Courtney Brown sent that email
about the remote viewing magazine;
his book on the matter is
Remote Viewing: The Science and Theory of Nonphysical Perception.
. his description of "remote viewing 911"
contradicts known facts about the event,
so I am reminded remote viewing is a gift:
although certainly supernature is capable of
giving humans a remote viewing experience
the supernature is also the Great Deceiver,
depending on The Plan and your place in it .

Eight Martinis interviewed a remote viewer,
Dr. David Morehouse, who is a veteran
and a King James Bible reader .

What areas excite Dr. Morehouse
and make him RV curious?:
Nothing at all. ... Basically stated,
I know there is good and evil. ...
That is the basis in fact
upon which it all begins;
from there it is all life
and all the shades of grey
our lives can muster.
I am not a conspiracy theorist. ...
And while I am not afraid of death,
I have no desire to rush it. ...
When the war started,
my first thought was not to Remote View
the towers of the World Trade Center
and point a finger at someone about how they
came down and who was behind it. ...
When one person can show us
how any conspiracy has been solved
and how, once solved,
it has altered the human equation,
I will possibly start getting "curious" about
using Remote Viewing to unravel mysteries.
-- Dr. David Morehouse is author of
Remote Viewing: The Complete User's Manual
for Coordinate Remote Viewing