extra snow can be from global warming

2.15: co.fb/phy/geo/extra snow can be from global warming:
. there are 2 sources of devastating climate change:
man-made, and geomagnetic pole reversal .

Hogue warns:
"the record-breaking snowfalls are caused by global warming;
a hotter atmosphere is a wetter atmosphere.
The more water in the atmosphere,
the stronger the storms become;
The more the tropics send humid air up the jetstream
to the temperate zones,
the more Arctic blasts descend southward
on the winds of a melting polar ice cap .
. but by next decade the polar ice cap in the summer season
will have melted completely away by then.
then come record breaking high temperatures ."
. he has a map comparing temperatures now with from 1980 on,
and mostly the globe is warmer
except for a few spots including eastern usa .
. keep in mind too the magnetic pole reversal:
it might bring on more volcanoes
that could usher in an ice age
that will overpower the global warming gasses .
. it's important to prepare for both possibilities:
divert investment in population growth
into smarter high-tech weather adaptations .

co.fb#hogueprophecy #LS:
Prolly not true...no overpopulation and no global warming
...dont fear.
I didn't say there was overpopulation;
but thank you for the other correction:
climate change disasters [in our lifetime]
may indeed be improbable .
. if we did want to prepare for
improbable climate devastation
we could get the money from curbing population growth .