chromebook #ChromeOS #VerifiedBoot

12.12: web.cyb/sec/chrome's verified boot:
Verified boot provides a means of
getting cryptographic assurances
that the Linux kernel, non-volatile system memory,
and the partition table are untampered with
when the system starts up.
This approach is not "trusted boot"
as it does not depend on a TPM device
or other specialized processor features.
Instead, a chain of trust is created
using custom read-only firmware
that performs integrity checking on
a writable firmware.
The verified code in the writable firmware
then verifies the next component in the boot path,  and so on. 
11.8: news.cyb/chrome/doing well while ms declines:
. chromebooks grow while microsoft shrivels?
. promising better security makes a diff .
12.25: best-seller on amazon:
. the best selling laptop on amazon.com [2013.1]
was the Samsung ARM-powered, Linux-based Chromebook.

7.28: news.cyb/chrome/sec
/some vulnerabilities found but many avoided:
application-sandboxes-a-pen-testers-perspective .
see also pdf .
. Chrome OS kernel exploits are not easy,
but are of medium difficulty to pull off;
OS user mode exploits are very difficult,
and every other penetration test was
not even applicable to Chrome OS
-- these included off the shelf exploits,
and various sandbox leakages:
keylogging, remote webcam/mic access,
clipboard hijack, screen scraping,
file stealing, network shares access . 

11.17: sci.cyb/chrome/trusted boot/securing the firmware:
. if it is true that firmware is programmable
then it must not be true of chrome,
or their trusted boot doesn't matter,
because they are just verifying the os code,
not every program in the firmware of the gpu, bios, etc .
12.24: it's called verified boot:
. and it does check firmware,
so it must be able to reprogram its firmware .

10.22: web.cyb/chrome/chromebook security:
. even with primarily cloud-based computing,
downloads, cookies, and browser cache files,
may still be present on the computer.
The Chromebook encrypts all this data
using tamper-resistant hardware,
making it very difficult for anyone to access
the user's local files.
Even if malware manages to escape the sandbox,
the Chromebook is still protected.
Every time the Chromebook starts up,
it does a self check called Verified Boot.
If it detects that the system has been tampered with,
or corrupted in any way,
typically it will repair itself without any effort .
but cloud computing voids privacy:
"far from cracking SSL encryption,
the spy agencies have been forced to resort to
so-called man-in-the-middle attacks
to circumvent the encryption by
impersonating security certificates
in order to intercept data."
. if recent revelations from Brazil are correct,
Chromebook plus a nsa-forged Google certificate
equals a man-in-the-middle attack against
the SSL security of Google's services
—and a way for the government to read
all of your e-mails and documents
as they pass to and from your browser.
None of this is necessarily Google's fault.
But it's a weakness of the browser as platform
—by pushing nearly all resources back up into the cloud,
the Chromebook model creates a one-stop shop
for attackers or observers . 

resiliant against #badBIOS infection

10.13: mis.cyb/chrome
/usb trackpad error sharing bus with sd card:
. when I got through with a linux laptop ordeal
(mis.cyb/xuw/sd slot won't unmount),
[@] #badBIOS usb infection suspected
I wanted to use chrome to
check that the zip I just wrote
 on the card using the ubuntu linux laptop
was readable .
. I attached the card to the usb hub,
sharing with chrome's usb trackpad and kybd .
. then I couldn't see the trackpad move
until I noticed in the upper righthand corner,
the cursor was being confined to an area
about the size of  a postage stamp .
. so I tried the same without usb trackpad
using the chrome's built-in inputs,
and they were fine .
sci: 2nd attempt:
. the next time I tried usb sharing with card and inputs,
everything was fine, either because
chrome adapted to some card format problem,
or chrome neutralized the infection
or the trojan now owned chrome until restart .
[... later when I restarted chrome,
as it was shutting down
it made an unfamiliar diagonalized checker pattern;
but, maybe I just never stopped to notice it before .]

10.21: mis.cyb/chrome/inserting sd card causes
recursive window opening

. I opened the chrome guest acct
with the sd reader plugged into usb hub,
then I plugged the 128mb card into the card reader .
[. the 128mb card is not shared with
the #badBIOS -infected linux laptop
but the card reader has been shared with
an infected Apple iMac ]
. after plugging in the sd card
that should open a files.app window
and then fill it with the file names on the drive;
but instead it was repeatedly opening a window,
without drawing anything inside it .
. I pulled the card&reader and replugged it back in
then everything was fine .

11.17: mis.cyb/chrome
/scanning sd card and then not mounting it:
. the first time I plugged in the 2gb sd card,
it said it was scanning it,
and then didn't mount it;
only when I pulled it out and reinserted it
did the usual behavior occur .
. the last thing I did with that card
is add the camera jpegs,
some of which had been exposed to xuw
(the infected ubuntu linux laptop),
but that was much earlier
-- that exposure did not invoke
this sort of scanning response,
or it was off to the side and I didn't notice it,
and then it decided to mount the first time .

17: mis.cyb/chrome
/lack of zip`open may be from short mem:
. I tried a zip of what was on sd8gb#2
and that failed too;
I think the problem is
I don't have that much mem:
I will put the contents of #2 back on #2 .

. I was moving files from chrome to sd card 8gb#2,
and I had just finished saving to log at 19:04 .
here is what got copied back to #2:
exo`cache 2.1gb [internet downloads]
-- says it was modified at 19:04 (the time of the crash)
-- the others seem to have normal dates:
[!] trivia:
log`m pub needs iphoto 228.8mb 13.10.8
-- this is getting kept on chrome too .
0 cyb dev gb 12.12.26 [downloads from dev's]
-- this won't open
exo other 664.1mb 2012.12.26 [old downloads]
0 addx 29.3mb 12.12.26
0 adda 58.4mb 12.12.26
/mod'date depends on name (malware problem):
. I'm trying to redo the bak to the #2 card
of the exo`cache 2.4gb;
when I put it in the same folder as
the corrupted exo`cache was in,
chrome changed its name to avoid dupes
calling it exo`cache(1);
so, I deleted the corrupted one,
and renamed exo`cache(1) back to exo`cache,
and that's when it said the mod'time was changed,
to the same mod'time as the corrupted one
(the same time as the recent crash).
. then when I renamed it again to something else,
the mod'time reverted to the original .

18: mis.cyb/chrome
/unmount mac`drive raises alert 
despite no obvious transfers:
. the "mac`drive" is the internal hard drive
recovered from the mac after it died .
. I put it in a usb enclosure for reading by chrome;
chrome said don't unmount or you could lose data,
but I wasn't copying anything to or from there,
I was just trying to zip a local file .
. it said the file couldn't be modified,
so I thought the drives had malware affecting chrome
and I wanted to unmount them but couldn't;
so, I powered off chrome and retried zip,
but I still couldn't find the expected zip file,
but that's because of [!] mis.cyb/chrome.-
zip.app/truncates filename after dot .

11.19: proj.cyb/backup/recovery
/more mac`primary to chrome transfers:
. after mis.cyb/xuw/denied access to mac drive,
(xuw is a ubuntu linux laptop)
I wondered if there was some new problem
with the mac drive,
but apparently it's just a linux malware thing
because chrome is accessing it .

22: mis.cyb/chrome
/sd card reader plugged in when not needed:
. just noticed I left the sd card reader plugged in,
it gets warm that way, like it is very busy
even when no card is installed,
like it spends all its time doing mischief .

25: mis.cyb/chrome
/update was needed for usb-sd card malware:
. the [bak to card] failed until after update,
whenever I plugged in the card it loads 4 volumes
instead of the usual 2, and when I try to unmount,
it says don't close or you could lose data .
. even when I pulled the card reader out
2 of the volumes stayed mounted?
I definitely need to update first!
then restart and back to card .

mis.cyb/chrome/ergo'kybd locked up:
. after chrome was started
I then remembered to plug in the usb hub,
and found that the trackpad worked but the kybd didn't .
. one of the indicator lights was on too,
suggesting the kybd was in an error state;
but replugging it into the hub normalized it .
26: sci:
. if this was related to the recent malware,
after the update that fixed chrome
the kybd stayed plugged in and there was no problem .
. it was only after the update,
and the kybd had been replugged in
that something about mounting the kybd into the usb tree
was doing something off,
because the kybd malware attached to the mount operation
wasn't expecting that fix ?

28: mis.cyb/chrome
/epub from convertfiles.com has pdf's malware:
. used convertfiles.com to make an epub file
since my Nook doesn't like pdf's .
I tried to open the .epub by renaming as .zip:
it acted like the zip was open
but displayed the old contents of files.app view
instead of the zip contents
I asked to unmount the zip, and it told me to wait,
so I had to restart chrome .

11.30: mis.cyb/chrome.jpeg editor
.crop tool/hides the cursor:
. I was trying to crop some picts
that had likely been infected;
and, when trying to control the crop tool,
my cursor would disappear .
. perhaps the reason the crop is messing up,
is that a temporary rootkit is made by
a malformation it made in one of the jpegs .
. the malware would want to control cropping
in order to prevent removal of the vulnerability .

12.19: mis.cyb/chrome
/some updates power-down but not this one:
. it seemed that other updates to chrome os
turned the computer off,
but this update simply restarted?
turn it off to ensure a verified boot .

12.18: co.amazon/cyb/sec/qubes/5-star
/David Chisnall`The Definitive Guide to the Xen Hypervisor:
core documentation for a core security technology
. this book was recommended to developers
who want to help with the Qubes OS,
and I wanted to understand more about
how Xen can be used by Qubes
for implementing "security by isolation" .
. the only other secure place to be is a chromebook
(I've learned to love this machine
--along with 2700 other reviewers!) .

my new home on chromebook

2.23: web.cyb/chrome/doc's:
. chromebook comes with a paper manual;
instead of photocopying that,
see if there is a pdf's or html of that:

linux command line org's chromebook notes:
Ctrl-/ is the on-line help
Ctrl-Alt-/ is the list of key assignments .

web.cyb/chrome/app reviews:
zdnet's fav apps:
New York Times,  Pandora (internet radio)
Black Menu (easy access to all Google services)
Elegant Calculator (look a programmable!)
TV ChromeWeatherBug
Webcam Toy (special effects for webcam photos),
Evernote (log & search tool)

. off-line apps ... 
. installed a bunch of other apps
using the chrome store search interface .
. enable off-line use of g'drive and g'docs

3.1: proj.cyb/chrome/flush apps:
. maximize security by minimizing software:
avoid piling it with more code than needed .
. tend to remove non-google code,
and esp'ly remove code needing extra permissions
esp'ly having access to all webpage content
since that prevents me from banking with chrome .

4.2: pos.cyb/chrome/consider moving fb activity to chrome:
. facebook is too buggy for my mac;
hence, fb is another time for using chromebook instead .

4.16: proj.cyb/chrome/mac format usb card is readable:
. chrome does read my mac-formatted sd card, 
and you can save as, but it can't write to mac format .

5.14: proj.cyb/chrome/get kuaz playing despite m3u format:
. chrome doesn't support m3u format .
I'm not seeing how to use that to access kuaz,
but it has a neat system for org'ing stations found in
 Shoutcast.com, Radionomy.com,
GoomRadio.com, or MikesRadioWorld:
just visit these sites, to find the desired radio,
and click on the logo of any radio stations
which appears on the page. 
You can change the name, the category, 
the logo and the website link,
as well as add it to [favorite radio stations]. 
and that works on chrome .

5.16: news.cyb/chrome/found how to make tiled windows:
( confusing chrome with a smartphone? ...)
before now I'd assumed that the chrome browser
liked to fill the whole screen, [rtfm!]
and, this made it hard to transcribe graphic text .
. then, while I was looking for a screen print,
I found the button for changing window size .

web,proj.cyb/chrome/mouse speed increased:
. see settings/device/... .

5.18: mis.cyb/chrome/crashes across all pages from fb error:
. a facebook page running 2 vids at once 
crashed every page on chromebook,
including my log in the next window?
curious how that could happen 
if every window is in its own process .

7.16: mis.cyb/chrome
/crashed waiting for "save this password?":
. I was signing into developer.apple
and chrome was asking me
whether I want to save the password,
but I was waiting for the page to load
to see if I remembered the pass correctly;
and that's when chrome flushed itself
and asked me to sign in again .
. at least my log had not been lost .

7.16: todo.cyb/chrome/review of chromebook
2-stars for being unstable:
[12.28: it's had 5-star stability for weeks now]
. I need to remind people chrome is linux;
and, linux is not web-safe! [12.29:
... well, linux+flash+pdf is not web-safe;
nevertheless, flash+pdf can crash linux
exactly because linux is a monolithic bug trap
not a secure, reliable microkernel .]
. chrome does have a secure startup
that ensures you don't get a rootkit malware;
so I would buy it again,
but there is no per-page isolation,
so one bad web page can cause a complete crash 
and you may lose work .
. I was going between facebook and blogger.com
and I lost a page of blogger.com;
because, a bug erased what was in blogger,
and then blogger.com auto-saved that erasure .
. I suspect something in facebook crashed it .

8.2: mis.cyb/chrome/autofill not being recognized:
. a page with a form to fill
was being filled with chrome's autofill
but it was acting as if it couldn't see the fillings;
I kept having to play with each entry,
but I did use autofill's data,  and it finally did work
however, then next thing I notice
is that chrome is asking to update itself .

8.4: mis.cyb/chrome
/auto-restart confused blogger.com again:
. I keep a page named "scratch"
at the blogger.com text editor;
but instead of publishing the page,
I save it by sending in an email to myself;
and after it is emailed, I erase the scratch file .
. I had just emailed what was in scratch,
when chrome restarted by itself,
and then scratch was no longer erased,
but instead had some old info:
todo: this is old right? [done]
... co.fb#.../health/nicotine vs caf:
... [yes, that was emailed on 8.3 at 4:38 PM]
8.13: mis.cyb/chrome
/crash loses blogger.com's unpublished:
. I was finishing Andrew's 9/11 book p 316
and had just copied from there into my log
using the blogger.com text editor
when chrome went black .

. a typical problem with pdf's (on several platforms?)
is that copying a structured selection (that includes
something like a hyphen, or a bullet point)
will cause a failure of the copy or a crash;
however, the likely cause of such a complete system crash
was some prior pdf activity I was subjected to:
after finding a copy of The Cosmic Conspiracy
from awakenvideo.org/pdf; I was looking for other pdf's,
and found the awakenvideo.org/library, [site reorg'd now]
where I downloaded this huge pdf
that presented itself as being only one page;
which had me thinking "what big malware was being injected
 with  that little 1-page pdf?";
it took a huge time to load; but nothing bad happened
until copying from another pdf . [12.29:
... the 9/11 pdf was a copy, not from the author's site,
so it too could have been a source of trojans;
and even if it did come from the trusted author,
the author's site could have been cracked and trojan'd .]
. I pressed on the power button for a full minute
before it would restart (usually it does that on its own).

8.18: mis.cyb/chrome/wifi pickup needs a restart:
. the wifi is still down?
need to restart, but need to save text first,
try fussing with wifi from mac,
. wifi works on mac but not chrome?
definitely need to restart .

25: mis.cyb/chrome/auto restarted lost some log:
. I had just copied this youtube url
and chrome started shutting off .
. I had not been saving news clips often enough;
but, I didn't lose much personal log content .

8.24: news.cyb/chrome`taskbar/personalizing menu:
. why do I have 2 pages of menu thumbnails,
and why is the files.app access on the 2nd page!
ah, instead of deleting most services,
you can pin your favorites to the taskbar
by right-clicking on the menu item,
and selecting [Pin to Launcher] .

8.29: mis.cyb/chrome/history paging can be stale:
. when chrome handles ctrl-h,
if you already have a history page open,
it brings that page and tab to the front for you;
but it doesn't reload the page or tab,
so it gives you a stale view of the history .

10.23: mis.cyb/chrome/bookmarks/huge mess:
. some time ago I asked chrome to import
every bookmark I ever made!
how do you organize or delete them?
click the new tab icon or
get into the chrome browser app and do ctrl-n;
right-click on border.top.[other bookmarks],
to get [bookmarks manager].

10.17: sci.cyb/chrome/
guest acct has temporary downloads folder:
. you have 2 choices when using chrome,
sign in to an account with a password;
or get into the guest account (no pass needed).
. before a guest exits their session, they are expected to
 move what's in the downloads.folder to some external media;
because the download.folder gets cleaned for the next guest .

10.10: mis.cyb/chrome/
doesn't know when you change your google pass:
. when I changed the pass on google
it didn't change the pass on my chromebook
so when I logged in,
it accepted that I had the right google pass,
but told me I would need the former pass
to unlock my acct on chromebook
(maybe chromebook-google integration would be easier
if changing the chromebook pass asked you whether
you were expecting to change your gmail pass too ).

mis.cyb/chrome/no obvious volume rename:
. reformat changes the volume name to "untitled"
and has no obvious way of letting the user
modify the volume name .
12.12: the reason:
. changing disk volume names
is a very tricky thing to do.
For FAT32 (most USB/SD volumes are formatted in this format),
we seem to need to use "mlabel" command
with a root privilege per RenameUSBDrive
. That said, getting this done right
would need a significant amount of work .
. tried renaming epub as zip,
and then used open-zip to try out chrome's
access to epub . also allows zipping files
. not seeing how to encrypt zips .

web.cyb/chrome.zip/encryption can't be done:
. there are paywares on the chrome store
that do let you encrypt your files .

10.4: proj.cyb/chrome/epub reader:
. how to read epub in chrome?
. try readium .
. this can read all your web pages, on all tabs ?
the links on the epub don't work?
try those links on linux epub reader
-- and uninstall the nosy readium!
[... the links didn't work anyway;
readium's ok if you don't mind it snooping .]

11.3: web.cyb/chrome/daylight savings time for az:
. how do I change my location for proper time?
also found 24hour format there !

6: mis.cyb/chrome/sound broken/shadethemotionpicture:
. a youtube of "SHADE the Motion Picture"
had a link to shadethemotionpicture.com
which I followed, and when I got there,
the youtube's sound was broken .

mis.cyb/chrome/sound broken/mercola:
. while I was using another mercola page,
the first mercola page with the video
somehow crashed, or at least the sound broke down .

8: proj.cyb/chrome/pptx reader:
. install a 3rd-party app for pptx reading,
and then disable it after use .
. this is my banking machine,
so I want to minimize the amount of software
that runs on it .

11.16: pos.cyb/chrome
/used instead of xuw as much as possible:
. after finding and testing chrome jpeg editor,
I tried viewing the results on xuw(the ubuntu linux laptop),
and that's when I noticed that I had, while editing on chrome,
missed dup's that were taken to correct a prior shot,
but since ubuntu linux seemed too buggy from malware,
I decided to leave to chrome whatever chrome could do,
including renames and deletes .

17: mis.cyb/chrome.finder
/doesn't show changes immediately:
. after copying the camera folder locally
and then renaming it,
I cut and pasted it into the todo.folder;
but to my horror, given the malware lately,
the folder-move was not showing up there,
and there was no indication of a move in progress,
so I cleaned the downloads folder up,
then looked in the todo.folder again,
and there it was . you have to reload the page;
that means exiting that folder and re-viewing it .

17: mis.cyb/chrome/format doesn't merge partitions:
. both of my mac 8gb sd cards have
multiple partitions: one has an EFI partition,
and the other has a mac recovery partition .
. I was hoping a reformat would repartition them too,
(ie, create one large partition), but it doesn't .

proj.cyb/fs[file system]/reformat sd8gb cards for chrome use:
. sd8gb#2 did get reformatted,
but that did not delete the EFI partition;
ie, if the card has multiple partitions,
then reformat wipes a partition, not the card .
. for sd8gb#1 I wiped the recovery partition,
and only then realized that if I wiped both partitions
then chrome would name them both "UNTITLED" .
18: reusing both partitions:
. I can reformat each partition if I do them one at a time
 to keep track of which partition is which,
and put a folder in each that indicates
what the name of the partition is,
so that I have an approx. idea of the size;
eg, in the efi partition I added a folder named:
[ this is the tiny EFI partition of this sd card ].
and in card #1:
[ this was the mac recovery partition of this sd card ]

17: news.cyb/chrome.finder/multiple windows:
. somehow I got 2 files.app windows up
after thinking that was not possible; [rtfm!]
so, look around the finder's context menu:
if you right-click on the finder menu,
it offers you a new window .

17: news.cyb/chrome
/dev`terminal available without dev`mode:
. ctrl-alt-T brings up the terminal, chrome-extension:// -
it calls itself the developer's shell, crosh .
. when you enter "top"
you get a list of your processes and free mem .

news.cyb/chrome.search tool/for site-specific searches:
. the magnifying glass in the chrome titlebar
is a 3rd-part browser extension search-the-current-site
launches a google search that is specific to
the site you are currently at;
eg, if you were at duh.com
and have it search for "hey you",
then it googles( site:duh.com "hey you" ).

18: mis.cyb/chrome.finder
/contents of view didn't match pathname:
. trouble opening pim[personal info mgt] folder,
but when I made the font smaller
in order to get the pim folder away from
 the bottom of the window, then a click opened it .
. it seemed as if I was seeing at the bottom
a pathname indicating I was in the pim folder,
but the content of the window was not the pim folder .

mis.cyb/chrome/large copy to g'drive caused a mild freeze:
. after moving many files at once,
it looks into how many files there are to give you a count
that is used in the copy operation's progress display;
that was letting the gui freeze up for a bit .

/storing sparsebundle bands for offline use:
. I was trying to upload to g'drive
a mac sparsebundle folder
named [exo n obj w links needs be rom],
and chrome said some file was broken
but also said it was sync'ing
so what is that about?
[!] cyb/chrome/g'drive/sync/intro

. chrome said it was sync'ing,
and sync activity shows filenames that look like
the bands with a mac sparsebundle folder;
I had just tried to upload the sparsebundle to g'drive;
and, it was saving a few of the most recent bands
for if I wanted to view them off-line .
. the sync's context menu also mentions g'drive,
and gives a link to settings related to downloads?
here are things that were checkmarked:
# Use a web service to help resolve navigation errors
# Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs
# Predict network actions to improve page load performance
# Enable phishing and malware protection
# send usage statistics and crash reports to Google
... and things not checked:
# Use a web service to help resolve spelling errors
# Send a ‘Do Not Track’ request with your browsing traffic .
web: can disable sync: 
. there is syncing selected folders on Mac and PC.
Is it really impossible on a chromebook?
I want a folder in the cloud,
but not on my local storage.
Is there a way to specify a folder not to sync on a chromebook?
Or to remove it from local storage
and not remove it from the cloud?
not possible;
you might instead prefer to disable completely
the Drive offline functionality on your Chromebook.
Goto drive.google.com then
More->Offline->Cog->Disable Offline.
. if you goto  https://drive.google.com/#my-drive
and then look at the gear icon in the upper right, "the cog",
in there would be a menu item called "Disable Offline";
doing that gets you to:
All local copies of your Google Docs have been removed.
Offline Docs is now disabled. 
. if you did want that sync working,
the way you find the files is simply
visiting g'drive when offline,
it diverts to an app instead of a website apparently .

/restart chrome to clear broken sync:
. it was sync'ing bands of a sparsebundle
but then it was saying that was broken;
and, ever since then the sync process has been frozen:
it shows up in my taskbar, but there is no activity;
I want to flush that zombie and complete the sync disable;
so, I'll restart chrome .

mis.cyb/chrome.finder/drag creates a ghost instead:
. the following happened after I restarted chrome,
I think I bumped into an update's new feature,
but at the time it looked like something was broken ...
. I started to copy the year's picts folder to chrome
but then realized I already had a zip of that on chrome,
so I canceled the copy,
then I moved the zip'd version into the same folder as
 where I had just deleted the remains of the canceled copy,
and then I tried to move the zip into a subfolder,
but instead of dragging the zip, it dragged a ghost of the zip
that hovered 2 inches above and to the left of the zip .
. I was able to ctrl-X and ctrl-V to do the move .
. that ghost happened again, only this time I noticed
it was telling me how many files were being moved .

18: mis.cyb/chrome.zip.app/truncates filename after dot:
. I couldn't find the zip's results
because, it was shortening the name,
because the filename had a dot in it
that was being confused with the extension name's dot;
eg, if you zip [duh. get a life].folder, it makes duh.zip .

mis.cyb/chrome/rename zip.file results in file modification:
. I had a problem with
(mis.cyb/chrome.zip.app/truncates filename after dot)
so I renamed the file and it thought that was a modification,
and updated the mod'date ... is that normal?

19: mis.cyb/chrome/got some errors from slow gui:
. some of the file juggling I did
while doing a partial bak to card
was resulting in errors of
"file not found" or similars, because
the files.app view I was operating on
had not been updated to mirror what was
actually there in the folder .
... next morning,
I found the same error messages in
every finder window that had been open at the time,
and was worried about whether the
mac drive uploads were completely successful .
. I assured myself it was like the previous error messages,
but just duplicated in every window,
and my logger realized the mac gave no errors,
it was the baking of mac to sd card that did .

20: mis.cyb/chrome.finder
/multiple windows raise multiple alerts:
. closing files.app windows I found chrome said
"some file could not be moved";
I had dealt with that before
when I was moving things that weren't there
(they weren't there but looked like they were
because the file.app's window view
was not updating fast eno')
and apparently it posts such messages
on every files.app window .

22: mis.cyb/chrome
/reading text with unknown type name:
. I wasn't sure how big a downloaded zip was
so I wanted to unzip it into g'drive instead of locally,
but it said something about it was broken,
so then I got the idea to unzip just part of it
(ie, open the zip and copy a part of its contents).
. this download was from the parasail language;
the example code was in a .pry file,
and I could change it to type .txt,
but g'drive still wouldn't open it .
. only when I downloaded the renamed file locally
would it open the .txt with a browser .
. then I tried copying a .pry file to local,
and then renaming it there .
. at first it said there was no opening it,
but that turned out to be because it was still selected;
if I de-selected and then re-selected, then it was
acting like its new typename,  .txt  instead of .pry .

25: mis.cyb/chrome/rename for name clash limited to 9:
. when a file- copy&paste results in a name clash,
it is typical for a file system to ask
"is it ok to overwrite?" but instead
chrome renames your file by appending the name with
some single digit number in parentheses;
however, if you got used to doing that,
the numbers only go up to 9,
and then you get told the paste couldn't happen
because the file already exists .

30: mis.cyb/chrome.g'drive/group copy often fails:
. it gave me problems with large copy jobs:
sending a whole year's pict set to g'drive,
results in some error that terminates the copy,
so the copy is only partial;
I will drop subfolders into g'drive,
and then piece them together into a picts folder;
first I will need to clean up g'drive's root folder,
as dozens of bak's have been dropped into there .
. later I would obviate the need for a clean root
by using 2 file.app windows,
one for a g'drive subfolder,
and the other for current source's subfolder .

/group copy often fails/copyright hinting?:
. it wouldn't copy some of the picts of
pages of product instructions,
but would do the whole thing if I
pasted them them in individually .
. nearly always the problem was with
folders full of copyright violations
(I routinely digitize all instruction manuals,
and I also got many excerpts from articles mom sent).

11.30: mis.cyb/chrome.files.app/crashed:
. a move of many picts to g'drive failed,
so I was wanting to view the subfolder that failed,
and then not only did chrome become slow again,
but this time both files.app windows vanished,
and a little balloon said click here to reopen files.app .

web,proj.cyb/chrome.g'drive.trash.recover/find and use:
. can I recover something from g'drive's trash?
I can't find it!
. the confusion was from choice of access:
g'drive has both a web interface,
and a presence within the files.app .
. use the web:
and there I could recover items from
overzealous root folder cleaning !

12.6: mis.cyb/chrome.files.app
/falsely calls file unusable:
. it said "copy operation failed:
file or folder is not usable",
but then I tried it again, and the copy succeeded .
. the difference during the failure
was that I did successive moves:
I dropped one file into g'drive,
then decided to do another,
but I was leary that would mess it up,
so, I waited until it said the first move was done,
but apparently that wait wasn't long eno' .

11: mis.cyb/chrome.files/g'drive drop failed:
. when you drag a file into g'drive
it usually adds a plus icon when you are over the g'drive
and then you let go and it copies the file to there;
but this time it wasn't showing the plus icon,
and after I let go of the drop anyway,
it started to say it was copying the files,
but then it said it failed .
. I tried again, this time waiting for
the plus icon to appear,
and then the same files did get copied .

15: mis.cyb/chrome.files.app/complicated drag-to-copy:
. the drag of a file to the g'drive,
instead of copying it,
had opened the destination folder,
and then it showed the dragged was
still in the original place;
but it was an error to move it again .
. a subsequent drag-to-copy also failed
until I cleaned up the first problem .
. I vaguely recall I did something to
refresh the window
like close all the files.app windows
and reopen files.app .

19: mis.cyb/chrome
/black screen from battery empty:
. I had been playing vid's for 3.5hour on a full batt,
then all night I had a youtube on hold,
and when I woke up the next morning,
the screen was on for about 3min before blacking out .

19: mis.cyb/chrome.chrome
/how did I miss these windows?:
. I thought I closed all open browser windows,
but when I restarted, a bunch of old pages came up,
including the knol page edit session
that I had not yet saved;
so, I lost my changes to the wordpress article,
(and my backup was sloppy, missing the links:
I had to retrieve them from a remembered source).

12.28: sci.cyb/chrome/search & replace/g'drive:
. you can search the content of  any files on g'drive;
so then, as long as your files aren't private,
they are searchable on chromebook .
[2014.1.11: delusion popped:
. not sure how I could assume
that the same search available to g'drive
wasn't also available to downloads (local files);
maybe I wasn't using the files.app ? ]
. what's really cool is searchable jpegs:
if you take picts of your paper documents,
then they are text-searchable too .
--. if only it could read handwriting;
but, heck I can't even do that!

finding the right text editor:

2.21: news.cyb/chrome/how to feel at home on chrome:
. on chrome I need blogger.com!
it has an html editor with a quick text mode;
I was wanting that so bad, getting hammered by g'docs,
blogger.com is so obvious now .
[ ... later I would find it ate my work,
if another tab crashed .]
. I think I could live on chrome now .
. another way to get more text and less web is textise.net;
it's a search engine with a filter:
every page it turns up has all links filtered
so you can skip all the noise .
. if doing any dev.web,  cssviewer is said to be helpful .
. other web tools are already built in .

5.27: mis.cyb/chrome
/malware deleted an open blogger.com file:
. I was using blogger.com for logging my session,
which consisted of gmail and facebook .
. facebook sends me an email with a link
(reporting what "close friends" have posted),
and when I click on the link, it opens in another tab;
then when I close the tab, I'm back into the gmail tab .
. after some time, however, on this day,
every time I would close an fb tab,
the gmail tab was auto-refreshing;
and, in the other window,
something had caused blogger.com to fail,
I asked it to revert but it showed blank,
I asked for undo but it still showed blank .
. I went looking for the page I was on,
and it was missing .
. I restarted chrome expecting updates,
but there were none that were obvious .
pos[position or policy statement]:
. beware multi-tasking on chrome;
after doing a log entry, email it often .

6.13: todo.cyb/chrome/find better plugins and editor services:
. the main thing lacking on chrome is better logging,
and an editor that does versioning
so that bugs can't eat your work .
. or a simple editor where you can only add not remove:
the remove is a separate page function,
so, you can't just blank the page and update .
. there might be developer sites that feature such revisions .

8.18: web.cyb/chrome/editor is built into chrome.browser:
. with the wifi down and needing to restart
how to save a blogger.com edit session,
pasting from that to a local file?
try this in your browser's url bar:
data:text/html, <html contenteditable>
-- that will make your web page editable
just like notepad.
If you want to save your content,
just do the usual browser save (control-S).
8.24: sci.cyb/chrome
/instability balanced by easy local editor saves:
. the thing to keep in mind with chrome os
is that there are 2 separate problems:
# one page may crash another; and
# chrome browser may interact poorly with blogger.com,
or blogger.com could simply be poorly designed .
. anyway this chrome browser note-taker is nice,
you just do save, it has a default name,
use that name, overwrite? yes,
did you crash? open that name and copy into
editor (data:text/html, <html contenteditable>).

/change in behavior was from different data:
. instead of saving to the same file,
it started writing to a new file on every save
using the same name but with a new index number;
-- if it continues to do that, then I need to clear space,
-- so I'll move all downloads to g'drive now .
. the reason why it's behaving differently,
is that it was letting me edit my view file:
that has a different url than the one I'm
supposed to be in:
data:text/html, <html contenteditable>

10.31: mis.cyb/chrome/mhtml editor:
. when using chrome browser's mhtml editor
(by pointing your browser at
data:text/html, <html contenteditable >
) it typically has control-s saving to
so if you need to restart a lost page,
you can view dataurl.mhtml with your browser
and copy from that page
back into an mhtml editor page .
. you may like to keep dataurl.mhtml open
in an adjacent tab or window
so that you can recover the previous save
simply by refreshing dataurl.mhtml
to see your latest save .
. but beware confusing the 2 pages,
because both will let you edit the page,
and both will respond to the save command,
but dataurl.mhtml will not actually save your edits,
it just saves the original page before your edits!
so if you confuse the 2 pages,
then you will find you have lost your work,
even though it told you it saved the page
after letting you assume you were able to
save the changes made by your page editing .

9.7: mis.cyb/chrome.editor/accidental back-page unforgiving:
. I had 2 windows side-by-side,
one was the text editor page with my log,
and the other was a web browser .
. I was supposed to do a sequence of:
( ctrl-s, ctrl-tab, alt-[right arrow].key)
that would save the log,
move the inputs focus to the web browser,
and see a previous page in the browser;
but I skipped the ctrl-tab
which meant I was still in the editor
when I asked for the previous page;
so, the editor flushed my log,
because the previous page of an edit session
is the blank page the session starts with;
but I had just saved, so nothing was lost .

9.11: mis.cyb/chrome
/data loss from multiple vid's again:
. found the editor page crashed,
knocked out by multiple vid's again,
and I had not saved everything,
but I could remember what I logged .

10.10: web.cyb/chrome.chrome.mhtml editor/
doesn't do text:
. the chrome browser can be an html editor
by typing into the browser's address bar:
data:text/html, <html contenteditable >
. can we get that to save as .txt ?
the simplest way is to copy from the html
 and paste into a text editor .
. if you have chrome then you have gmail,
and can easily get a blogger.com account
which has both text and html modes .
. blogger.com may be too buggy to compose original work,
but it will definitely make a good converter
between text and html formats .

mis.cyb/chrome.mhtml editor/I need a text editor!:
. when I open .mhtml after renaming it .txt,
I can see it's adding a bunch of junk;
much more than even html would add .
. I should do converting of html to text
in the infected ubuntu laptop's text editor ?
[ later I would search chrome store again,
and found a great text editor for chrome
that is open-sourced by a google employee .]

web.cyb/chrome.chrome.mhtml editor/what is mhtml?:
. why is chrome.browser editor
using the format mhtml? what is it?
this is like firefox's [save page complete],
but it saves all the resource files into one file,
like the tar format .
-- when looking for alternative formats
I was directed to chrome's flags or options;
but, all I found was the opposite of my need:
#save-page-as-mhtml ?
Sorry, this experiment is not available on your platform.
[ for Mac, Windows, Linux not chrome os]
--. that option Disables saving pages as
HTML-only or HTML Complete;
it enables saving pages only as MHTML
(that is a single text file containing
HTML and all sub-resources).

11: web.cyb/chrome.chrome.text.app/installed:
. I'm looking for a text editor on chrome
to at least convert html into .txt
if not be my main editor .
. installed text.app by joshwoodward@google.com
. it has a very nice file-save operation
compared to what I was used to
from the chrome browser's mhtml editor:
it didn't seem to work at first
because it's not asking you to confirm a file overwrite,
it just does it . I assumed it would ask,
like the mhtml editor does .
(what a relief because I save quite often)
. I had troubles with facebook
(running more than one video at a time?)
and also certain pdf's being viewed:
they would crash every tab in the browser,
and this would delete my
blogger.com editor contents,
so I stopped using blogger.com as an editor
and started using the mhtml editor
which made me feel safe because
it would not delete the page and then save,
without asking me to ok it,
so my last save would still be here locally .
. then when I started using the txt.app,
since it didn't ask to confirm overwrites,
I was suspicious that it would act like blogger.com
and save the page after the bug had deleted it;
so my policy for a short time was:
" when working alongside websites in other tabs,
it may be safer to use the browser's editor,
and use the txt.app for conversions to .txt,
or for editing when no other tabs are open .
[... later I learned to trust the txt.app;
the only time I use the mhtml editor
is to save snippets of html with embedded jpeg's .]

11.7: mis.cyb/net.g'mail/data loss from confused paste?:
. I copy&pasted my log to g'mail at 13:26,
but the thing google brought back was only up to 11:18,
just like the log copy before it .
. I'm quite sure I saw further portions
and almost certain I wrote the last timestamp, as like 13:25 .
. g'mail clipped my message in 2 ways,
and only one was harmlessly, unless I'm deluded .
. what I had done to post this log
is reply to my previous log post,
and so much of it was replaced with a "...".button
which you could expand into text by clicking,
-- but it also said "message clipped",
and "to see the whole thing click here",
and I was surprised to find
the whole thing was not there,
just going to 11:18 like the previous one .
. I think we should keep in mind that
g'mail has to analyze all your input,
so it could easily get bored with what you did .
. next time check what was posted?
or use the right tool:
drag copies of the log to g'drive .
9: pos:
. after this event I have been using g'drive;
I have a folder with recent work,
and I routinely right-click to make a zipped copy,
and then drag that zip to g'drive .
. it does versioning too, by auto renaming
if there's a name collision .

11.7: pos.cyb/chrome.txt.app
/try relying on mhtml editor less:
. I've been leary of 3rd-party chrome apps,
preferring to stay with built-in tools,
like the mhtml editor .
. but the txt.app is a good text editor
and it hasn't had problems with single files,
so try organizing multiple files,
and using it in place of the mhtml editor .

7: proj.cyb/fs/org log into files:
. I'm starting to depend on chrome's txt.app more;
instead of saving to one big file per session,
I'm using txt.app to create many .txt files,
kept in this folder:
chrome`files/downloads/to primary db/  .
. then I'm using the linux laptop
to partition my log into per-subject files;
[ soon I would do everything on chrome .]

18: mis.cyb/chrome.txt.app/it froze opening an html:
. the txt.app adds a lot of nice coloring
when it shows you html and javascript code;
so, apparently it is going for the risk of
trying to parse possibly ugly code .

22: sci.cyb/chrome.txt.app/settings:
. I just noticed the settings in txt.app,
and see it has:
# an eye-easing chalkboard theme .
# an option to autosave;
so, is that like a normal autosave to a bak,
or is it like a blogger.com autosave
that overwrites your frigging original?
. where's the help? text-app`issues .
. some hints about autosave are in
an (unresolved) bug report:
. it doesn't auto-save on timer,
it should save the files upon closing Text.app.
"( when I close, I get the
"Are you sure you want to close dialog?"
Is that expected? )
It should show only when you close a tab,
and only if autosave is off.
If it does show with autosave on, it's a bug... .
. apparently autosave means
if you close a tab that needs saving,
it saves first and then closes;
a lack of autosave means
on closing unsaved, ask if save wanted .

22: co.chrome.google.com/cyb/
chrome.txt.app/5-star review for txt.app:
chromebook is now my main computer,
thanks to this app .
. I would like to see the open operation
looking in the folder of the current file,
not the most recently accessed folder
(as a settings option).
24: mis.cyb/chrome.txt.app
/saved into wrong folder again:
. I keep operating like I'm still on ko'edit,
my text editor in the ubuntu linux laptop .

28: web.cyb/chrome/search & replace/caret.app:
. caret is another opensource text editor
which I found while searching for tools that offer
 Search & Replace of text, which the text.app lacks .
the author teaches at a community college
and blogs here about life as coder
(here's his essay on why the text editor is free).

12.28: web.cyb/chrome/search & replace/caret:
. Caret is another opensource text editor
which I found while searching for tools
that offer Search & Replace of text,
which the text.app lacks .
. the author teaches at a community college
and blogs at milezero.org
(here's an essay on why the text editor is free).

jpeg editing

9.11: proj.cyb/chrome.pixlr-editor/install:
. added this image editor to chrome
to do a crop on the rectangle for my facebook face .
. it says "911 was an inside job",
but without cropping the "inside job" was cut off .
I found the icon of that on images.google.com,
searching there for "911 was an inside job".
[ later I would discover chrome's many built-in ways
to do jpeg edits like cropping .]

11.6: news.cyb/net.g'photos/has crop & edit:
. at the bottom of g'mail is
"3.31gb(22%) of 15gb used . Manage"
and "manage" is a link to
there it says your 15gb is shared across
g'drive, g'mail, and google+photos:
photos bigger than 2048x2048 pixels take up space
but everything smaller is free .
if you click on google+photos you get
and it lists many of your images from blog and g'drive,
. plus.google.com/photos has not only a crop tool,
but also an edit.button with many friendly tools,
( although I didn't get how to use selection points:
I thought if I created 4 selection points,
that would lasso a square, but it doesn't work like that ).
[ later with rtfm it was obvious to me ...]

12.16: sci.cyb/chrome/g'+`photos
/localized edits with control points:
how to use the photo editor's control points:
. each point goes at the center of
where you want a localized effect,
and then when you select the control point,
it shows 4 other buttons:
with the top button you can vary the size of
the circle that determines the extent of the edit:
.within that circle you can apply
local versions of brightness, contrast, and saturation
using the other 3 buttons of each control point .

11.7: mis.cyb/chrome.pixlr.app
/removal caused black freeze:
. I noticed that g'drive is integrated with
some photo editors, but not the g'+ editor:
I have a pixlr editor installed,
and a right-click on a g'drive jpeg
will give me the option of opening it with pixlr .
. ever since finding out that pixlr is
impl'd with flash,
I've had reservations about using it again,
but then I forgot about it until now .
. I decided to remove it now,
and the g'drive app was still running .
. shortly after I removed the pixlr app
the chromebook went black,
and had to be revived with a hard reset
(press the power until the power light disappears).

11.7: sci.cyb/net.g'photo edit:

. the g'drive gives you a hierarchical folder view,
that can make it easy to find things,
and find the name of what you want .

. the g'+ photo edit is not integrated with g'drive;
but, hierarchical folders are usable on g'drive
and using that to find the name of what to edit
then search for that name within your g'+ photo app,
then it will show just the folder you're looking to edit .

web: what does "banner=pwa" mean?:
. How can non-google+ members
download pictures from picasa web albums
that I share with them?
As far as I can tell there is no option for downloading photos
like there used to be before picasa web albums was
linked with google+.
: There is a workaround.
Add "?banner=pwa" to your sharing link, eg:
. you can find g'photos icon in the chrome menu:
after opening that app, click on the [getting started].button,
and there are some options:
photo import:
automatically import photos from
attached cameras and memory cards
-- I won't do that because I'm worried about
dupe's being added and confusion .
upload size:
. do you want them to auto-reduce things
so that everything is under 2048px in both dimensions?
no, most of my photos are already fitting free,
and I want the originals because
you should edit and crop before resizing
not after !
. now to the meat of the app:
this is not a path to the g'+ photo editor;
you can only do rotations, and various file operations:
move, trash, download, and share,
which posts it on your g'+ account .
is not the same as
chromebook`menu/google+ photos.app .
which is not the same as
chromebook`menu/files.app/(click on jpeg)/(edit).

16: sci.cyb/chrome.image editor
/crop and rotate on local files:
. if you open a jpg with the files.app,
then the jpeg viewer window pops up;
and, if you cursor the bottom of the editor window,
it brings up a menu of icons,
and then pressing the pencil.icon lets you do edits,
like crop and rotate .
. I was doing 4 rotations to undo going the wrong way,
and that caused the files.app's jpeg editor to freeze .
. if you do any sequence of commands too quickly,
it drops your commands instead of queuing them;
-- it stops to save after each operation
unless you unselect autosave;
and saving turns out to be rather slow;
so, if you want saves,
watch for save`done before trying the next operation .

17: news.cyb/chrome.pict editor.file rename:
. I couldn't get separate windows for
the files.app and the pict viewer
(there is a way to do that I discover later)
but when in or out of edit mode,
the pict viewer showed the filename
of the picture you were looking at,
and that filename was editable .
. in the upperleft corner is a folder icon
to get out of pict view and back into folder view .

24: pos.cyb/fs/mom's photo's
saved as mhtml files instead of jpeg folders:

. I had once thought that mhtml saves were inferior,
but chrome makes it so easy to edit them,
that it's virtually the same as saving the jpegs in a folder .

24: sci.cyb/net.g'mail/iphoto emails saved as mhtml:
. mom sent some more photos embedded in email,
something that her mac's iphoto does,
and while trying out ways to save them,
I found that iphoto uses mhtml format,
or at least chrome can convert it to that .
. I just copied all the text of the email,
and pasted it into the mhtml editor,
and the picts looked just like they do in the email .
. it wouldn't show the first photo,
but when I copied it to my mhtml editor,
saved and then opened that, then I could see it!
. I first tried saving to a g'doc's file
(using the g'doc icon in chromebook's menu)
but it said the picts wouldn't load .
. I next tried copying the file to the blogger.com editor,
and that worked just like the mhtml editor .

30: mis.cyb/chrome.files.jpeg view
/complicated by g'drive copies:
. I am copying from local to g'drive,
and then in the background,
chrome may also be doing some sync'ing
for the offline capability, (I thought I disabled it,
but I saw its indicator running again).
. when I changed the name of "6.6 apt`yard"
and then asked to look inside,
that caused a serious slow down;
but, I saw the sync going for the first time,
so apparently that mechanism became confused,
and that confusion caused chrome a lot of work .

mis.cyb/chrome/g'+`photos/show all to edit all:
. when you look at your google-hosted photos
with  plus.google.com/photos,
they are grouped into blocks
representing the folder they are in;
. if there are many files then it doesn't show all,
unless you hit a more button on the lower right .
. if you don't hit that more.button
and then you try to edit,
it is allowing edits of only the ones shown .
. that more.button is not obvious
so the only way I found out about it
was from loading the folder into a blog
and finding a lot more picts than expected,
many of course not edited yet .

/it's called picasa from within blogger.com's editor:
. when you're using blogger.com's editor
the [image insert].command has the option of
getting picts from your "picasa" collection .
. that is accessing what you edited within
( plus.google.com/photos ).
. picasa is showing you images from
all your google services
(blogger.com, gmail, google drive, ...)
but it is editing copies,
so if you want to edit your google drive picts,
then you need to download your edits,
and then have the downloads replace
the unedited versions on g'drive .

/deselect multiples to find edit button:
. if trying to edit photos in plus.google.com/photos,
you'll click on thumbnail to enlarge it,
and then you should find the edit.button;
if you can no longer find the edit.button,
it's because you have accidently selected files,
so in the upper right is a [release selection].button .

developer news

2.18: proj.cyb/chrome/cloud9`activation:
Thank you for registering with Cloud9 IDE!
Your username is addn.
To activate your account ...
You can now start writing and debugging your applications!
With Cloud9 you can simply focus on writing code
and forget about setting up your environment
and integrating SDK's. (Also if you are a Chrome­OS user,
Cloud9 is the ideal tool for you.)
Finally development in the cloud will become a reality!

18: web.cyb/chrome/found dev mode switch:
. I just found dev mode is in the settings
with a checkbox click;
so, what does that do?
project code name: Snow (aka Daisy)
October 2012 Samsung  ARM Chromebook
This page contains information about the
ARM Samsung Chromebook
that is interesting and/or useful to developers.
For general information about getting started with
developing on Chromium OS
(the open-source version of the software on the Chrome Notebook),
see the Chromium OS Developer Guide.
    CPU: Samsung Exynos 5 Dual Core (Cortex A15; 1.7GHz cpu)
    GPU: ARM Mali-T604 (Quad Core)
        1366x768 screen & HDMI external connector
    RAM: 2 GiB DDR3
        The memory is not upgradable as it is soldered directly to the board
    Disk: 16 GiB SSD (connected to eMMC)
        SD & USB expansion slots
    WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n
        USB slot can handle Ethernet dongle
Entering Developer Mode
On this device, both the recovery button and the dev­switch have been virtualized.
Our partners don't really like physical switches ­ they cost money,
take up space on the motherboard, and require holes in the case.
To invoke Recovery mode,
you hold down the ESC and Refresh keys
and poke the Power button.
To enter Dev­mode you first invoke Recovery,
and at the Recovery screen press Ctrl­D
(there's no prompt ­ you have to know to do it).
It will ask you to confirm, then reboot into dev­mode.
Dev­mode works the same as always:
It will show the scary boot screen
and you need to press Ctrl­D
or wait 30 seconds to continue booting.
You'll still have to run "crossystem dev_boot_usb=1"
and reboot once to boot from USB drives with Ctrl­U.
To leave Dev­mode and go back to normal mode,
just follow the instructions at the scary boot screen.
It will prompt you to confirm.
If you want to leave Dev­mode programmatically,
you can run this from a root shell:
"crossystem disable_dev_request=1; reboot
There's no way to enter Dev­mode programmatically,
and just seeing the Recovery screen isn't enough
­ you have to use the three­finger salute
which hard­resets the machine first.
That's to prevent a remote attacker from tricking your machine
into dev­mode without your knowledge.
An unrelated note: 
Holding just Refresh and poking the Power button hard­resets
the machine without entering Recovery.
That's occasionally useful, but use it with care
­ it doesn't sync the disk or shut down politely,
so there's a nonzero chance of trashing the contents
of your stateful partition.
What's the difference between
Chromium OS and Google Chrome OS?

Google Chrome OS is to Chromium OS
what Google Chrome browser is to Chromium.
    Chromium OS is the open source project, used primarily by developers, with code that is available for anyone to checkout, modify, and build.
    Google Chrome OS is the Google product that OEMs ship on Chromebooks for general consumer use.
Some specific differences:
    The two projects fundamentally share the same code base,
    but Google Chrome OS has some additional firmware features,
    including verified boot and easy recovery,
    which require corresponding hardware changes
    and thus also don't work in Chromium OS builds.
    Google Chrome OS runs on specially optimized hardware
    in order to get enhanced performance and security.
    Chromium OS does not auto-update
    (so that changes you may have made to the code
    are not blown away), whereas Google Chrome OS
    seamlessly auto-updates so that users have the
    latest and greatest features and fixes.
    Google Chrome OS is supported by Google and its partners;
    Chromium OS is supported by the open source community.
    Google Chrome OS includes some binary packages which are
    not allowed to be included in the Chromium OS project.
    A non-exhaustive list:
        Adobe Flash PDF plugin
        Google Talk
            Work is on going to migrate to WebRTC
            so no plugins will be required
        3G Cellular support (but work is on going to address this)
        Older versions of Chrome OS might contain
        proprietary Synaptic Touchpad Drivers
            All recent releases (R20+) should be using the
            open source CMT driver
            NB: open source drivers have long existed
            and are automatically used in Chromium OS
    Google Chrome OS has a green/yellow/red logo
    while Chromium OS has a blue/bluer/bluest logo.
8.25: todo.cyb/dev.chrome/python for web design:
 much of the problem is about web page design;
search python for web design .
. see todo.adde/editing by web form:
. what is the safe way to do an editor?
when you give the display of some text
you pick a section to edit,
and serve that in a text editing box
(that is the easiest way to keep track of changes,
and serve up an editing space)
. it requires a button to send changes,
and it has indefinite undo,
until you solve a puzzle to indicate
you want to keep the current and toss old versions .
11.17: news.cyb/dev.chrome
/openware starter for packaged apps:
. the python shell .app is now a packaged app
which will run in its own window.
This is proof of concept of
CPython running in Native Client. 
It is based on CPython 2.7.
The source code for this package 
and for the Native Client port of python 
is available as part of the naclports project .

17: web.cyb/chrome.python shell/now a packaged app:
New in version
 * socket support
 * python is now a packaged app which will run in its own window.
This build is using newlib and therefore does not support DSOs.
ctypes is not supports (libffi assemblers needs porting).
No persistent file system yet.
18: proj.cyb/chrome.python shell/remove:
. this is my banking machine; minimize software .

12.9: news.cyb/chrome/openware html5 photo editor:
. open sourced, and at the chrome store .

birth of chromebook

2.13: news.cyb/chrome/intro to ARM-based chromebook:
. if google's moving towards arm cortex a15
and their chromebook has that now,
that's what I'll get instead of nexus 7 .

co.amazon/cyb/chrome/nix dev'mode:
in developer modeit started having problems in the first place.
thank you so much!
one of my first plans was to enable developer mode;
now I know to do that only when I am done with it !
[ . at least don't give it 
wifi access when in dev mode .]
 new Chromebook has an 11.6-inch screen,
 smaller than previous models, but with
a higher (and more traditional) 1368 x 768 pixel resolution.
Samsung's Exynos 5 Dual was the first chip to use
ARM’s Cortex A15 architecture
— the same as Qualcomm's quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro —
and the Chromebook marks the chip's first appearance
after being announced in August.
Display Screen Size 11.6" Type LED HD
Resolution 1366 x 768
Brightness 200 nits
Memory Standard System Memory 2GB Memory Type DDR3L
Storage Hard Drive 16GB RPM eMMC
Graphics External or Integrated Integrated
Maximum Graphics Memory Shared  ODD
ODD None Multimedia
Speaker 3W Stereo Speaker (1.5W x 2)
Internal Mic Yes
Web Camera 0.3 MP
Connectivity WirelessLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n
I/O Ports VGA Yes (Available only with dongle sold separately)
USB Ports 1 x USB 3.0 + 1 x USB 2.0
Headphone Out Yes (Headphone/MIC combo)
Microphone In Yes (Headphone/MIC combo)
Multi Card Slot 3- in-1 (SD/SDHC/SDXC)
Input Keyboard 74 Keys
Touch Pad Touch Pad (Scroll Scope, Flat Type)
Security & Safety TPM Yes
Power AC Adapter 40W
Number of Cells/Cell Type 2 cell / Li-Po
mAh 4080
Watt Hours 30
Battery Life* 6.3 hours
Design Color Silver
Product Dimensions (W x D x H) 11.4" x 8.09" x 0.69"
Weight 2.43 lb.
Warranty 1 Year Standard Parts and Labor
accessories I might want:
This 40 Watt laptop DC car charger and auto power supply cord
works with Samsung XE303C12, XE500T1C, XE700T1C .


13: aq.cyb/chrome/amazon/Order# 102-5747556-1826657:
. Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch) /$249.00 .

2.18: proj.cyb/chrome/external kybd & trackpad:
. set up the 2nd ergonomic keyboard .

4.2: proj.cyb/chrome/hung laptop next to suspended mac:
. I have the mac suspended over my bed,
on a plexiglass table,
so how can I get chromebook parked beside it?
try skids under mac:
. that doesn't work: too much reflection
if mac is not right next to the plexiglass,
try hanging it from loop of cord  .
redo hanger for laptop beside mac:
. this eventually works out after I get the angle right .

7.5: proj.cyb/chrome/new sling:
. the chromebook was suspended by a cord
that was wrapped around the hinge,
but that makes it tilt toward's my belly instead of my face,
what I needed was another chord
that would be placed just below the visible screen
about an inch above the hinge,
. that would slide up unless I sewed them together an inch apart,
so I used carpet thread to form 2 inch-long bridges .

7.30: proj.cyb/chrome/quicker hanging by cord with marking:
. I have 2 cords holding up the laptop,
one is longer for holding it at the hinge,
and the other is shorter for holding up the display .
. I wrapped the shorter one with colored twist tie
so that it was obvious which was shorter .

9.8: proj.cyb/chrome/used while laying on stomach:
. the usual way to use the chrome,
is to suspend it over my bed,
and have the kybd on my lap;
but my back is killing me,
so, try using it with the other kybd
for use in the prone position;
lying on stomach, with kybd behind laptop .
it's not easy to type this way,
but it gives my back a break .

4.2: web.cyb/chrome
/devices for sharing input devices with mac:
. keyboard mouse switch
Plugable USB 2.0 Switch for One-Button Swapping of

works great with my chromebook:
. my 2008 Apple imac with vmware running ubuntu
keeps freezing when I use much internet,
so I do all my web surfing on a chromebook
and I like to use it with my own keyboard,
but the chromebook's usb jack is in the back,
so this usb extension cord is just the right size
to relocate the chromebook's usb port over to the side,
where it's easy to plug in my preferred keyboard .
10.9: proj.cyb/chrome/at office table with power supply:
. after chronic back or shoulder problems,
I'm resigned to sitting in a chair while computing .

12.9: web.cyb/chrome/sd card drive support hc? yes:
. is anyone using high-capacity (hc) sd cards? yes:
but some are also having problems with any card
(my cards worked well with chrome 2013.12).
here's a review of my chromebook:
On the left edge of the machine
is a combination headphone and microphone jack,
and a card reader that supports
various SD formats (SD/SDHC/SDXC).
[ another slot I missed is: ]
Also on the back of the laptop is a SIM card slot,
which is only used in the 3G-equipped model,
which is available for with Verizon 3G.
. 16GB of internal flash memory — file storage is
expected to be in the cloud,
primarily using Google Drive.
Samsung's Exynos 5 dual-core ARM processor (1.7GHz).
Paired with 2GB of RAM .
7.6: news.cyb/chrome/batt care to avoid fires:
. if the battery is at end-of-life and
you use the ac adapter cord all the time
in order to avoid changing the battery,
this could eventually fry your computer and start a fire .
. so you should unplug chromebook occasionally
and see that the battery still gives several hours of energy .
. this applies only to new lightweight laptops
because they have built-in batteries;
older laptops can have their batteries removed .