#recycle #Apple #iMac 2008

10.9: todo.cyb/mac/recycling: [done]
. if I've found my infected overheating imac
isn't worth fixing,
I could just find how to crack it open
and reuse the drive,
and maybe also the dvd drive?
. vaguely recall the mac#mini's dvd burner
was not immediately reusable,
because I didn't have the right enclosure
(it wasn't the same interface as the harddrive).
. there are also rumors that mac's dvd burner
has unique firmware that needs special drivers? .]

9: web.cyb/mac/recycling the imac:
(vid's transcript)
. the screen is held by magnets
you can pull it easily with a suction cup
(like what hangs things from a window);
pulling on one corner .
. when you pull the screws out (under the screen),
there are 3 lengths to keep matched with holes .
the screws are torx #4,6,8 .
. you pull the metal body starting from the top,
but that is also the location of
the wire connection for the isight camera;
so you lift the top just 2 inches
-- just enough to get and pull that connection,
then lift bottom  (you can't do this until
you unscrewed the memory door on the bottom)
. to pull the lcd, there are 2 torx 8 or 9,
5 inches from lower right of the screen .
. there are 2 connections at bottom to undo,
and then lift from the bottom
to reveal a 3rd ribbon connection at the top .
. the dvd drive is an atapi slim slot
 optiarc ad-5630A
you need to peel off some shielding tape,
and before you can pull it all the way out,
it's tethered by a temperature sensor
(glued on, so razor it off
after pulling drive out partially).
10: proj.cyb/mac/disassembly:

. the mac front comes off with screw driver as wedge,
so I didn't need a suction cup;
the inner bottom screws are T8 (torx#8),
while the others are T9 .
. one lcd cable anchor used T6 .

. all the screws were torx (T6 or larger),
and the cable connectors were pulled apart with
tiny scissor tips and a twist .

. click photos to enlarge them .

. here's the bottom of the mac
after the front case has been removed:
. now we need to undo 2 connectors in that region
in order to lift the lcd up .
. first get the screws in the upper center here
 (see the black tape for pulling it up?).
here is a close up, and the screws have been pulled:
the 2nd connector for the lcd is to the mac's left
(see the fan to the left here?)
the connector to remove is to the right in this pict:
. the lcd had a cable leading to
the underside of a card,
and its plug was at the edge of the card;
so, it was easy to detach without pulling out the card .
. here is the lcd lifted up from the bottom
(so the lcd's bottom is at the top of the pict;
and the connector at the lower left of this pict
is at the upper left of the mac under the lcd,
and reaching under a card):
. markings on the lcd:

. here's the view with the lcd removed:
. the hard drive seemed as if it were
nailed to a plate that was
lying also under the power supply to the left here:
-- close up of power supply: --
so I started to take the power supply out,
and noticed only later that
screw position matters,
because some are for metal vs plastic
(you can see which holes are metal though,
and the finer threads go to metal).
. also I tried to release a connector on the power supply;
and, while I was lifting a snap, it broke off .

. eventually I saw that the hd (hard drive)
was actually a snap-in:
there's a black bar on the top to push down on,
and then the other side of the hd has pegs
that fit into holes, so you can just
depress the clip with screwdrivers as leverage
on both sides until it unsnaps,
lift forward, (towards the screen)
and then lift up (towards the mac's top)
in order to pull the pegs out of the holes .

. see the black bar at the top of the pict?
here is a side view of the black bar;
it snaps the hard drive into place:
. on the other side of the lever is a hinge system;
consisting of a peg fitting into a rubber hole (next).
. rubber hole for the hard drive's peg:
. here is the place under the hard drive:
. the dvd is held in place with only 2 screws at the rear,
(the front is where the disks are inserted);
but, there are also 2 screws for the cable plate;
ie, the cable's head includes a plate that is screwed down .

this is the cable to the dvd drive held on by 2 screws:

. this is the place under the dvd drive,
and 2 screws that held it into place .
. notice the strip of metallic fabric on the right,
that was glued to the dvd drive's caddy .
. you can see more fabric on the top of the dvd drive:

removing dvd drive's caddy:
notice the hooks it has into the dvd drive's entrance:

. foam with metallic fabric on the bottom
(allows for grounding even when drive shakes?):
markings on dvd drive's bottom:

dvd drive's top label:
. on closing the mac,
all unneeded parts were preserved,
but cables were not reattached .
. putting the screws in egg cartons was a great idea,
it has been easy for me to be matching screws to holes now .
. most parts were put back but
some iffy parts that were excluded
but possibly not needed
include screws for the dvd's cable plate,
and the dvd's caddy .

. the plan for the dvd is getting an enclosure
or an external dvd that has
the same drive as the imac's .
. I removed the pegs and hinge system of the hd
because it would just rattle around inside mac
(it went in an bag attached to the mac).

11: proj.cyb/mac/recycling/cleanup:
. strip the mac's hd of its clip-on system;
. made a loose parts bag for mac,
that contains an envelope with a note on it,
and small parts inside:
2 screws may be from a form under the power supply;
other screws are to the hd clip-on system;
the foam covered in shielding tape
 is from the dvd's rear corner
under near the cable port [see picts].
11: sci.cyb/mac.dvd/
foam covered in shielding tape/purpose of:
. why did they cover the foam in shielding tape?
it is not covering a hole,
rather it seems to have been a grounding device ?
it was touching a metal wall .