#wwIII, #9-11, #illuminati and #Israel policy

11.20: sci.pol/purges/gemini/illuminati
/international denial of beam weapons:
. suppose all the superpowers with beam weapons
agreed to hide their knowledge of it because
it could fundamentally change the war game
and actually prevent wars?
well, most likely it's like the nuke:
just because we have nukes to end all war
doesn't mean we can't agree to have lesser wars;
and the main reason for hiding beam weapons
could be to avoid having the muslims get them .
. right now the big players are judeochristian:
usa, russia, israel .
. muslims have been downright suicidal about israel;
so, having them get beam weapons
would be quite the show .

27: pol/purges/gemini/illuminati/
wwIII, 9-11, illuminati and Israel policy:

. the globalized elites are going to
use israel to start wwIII,
so the world can decide who the leader is
of the one world gov that will bring peace .
. I do believe in bible prophesy dates because
the illuminati is using religion to start the war,
and it's important to them that the war's timing
coincides with the bible's prophesies .
. the illuminati isn't afraid of a nuclear winter
because they are going to use the beam weapons
that used opposing radio waves in a static field
to dustify everything like was seen on 9/11 .

. some don't believe the gov's 9/11 story,
but neither do they understand beam weapons,
and choose not to theorize the real 9/11 story,
so beam weapons will stay unknown to them .

. we do agree israel is asking for war with iran,
but some don't think there will be a wwIII,
because they've been warning us of that for ages .

. it seems some realize it doesn't makes sense
to confront the usa gov't with any truther talk,
but I'm not confronting them either:
I'm not trying to stop them; I hope they win wwIII,
I just like to let people know
that 9/11 was proof something big is about to happen,
and with what sort of weaponry,
and that you might be better off
if you believed in a threat and prepared for it
(like emp taking out electricity for years).

. some are wondering what I could be thinking
hoping there would be a world war
leading to a global government
that could insure world peace .
my actual point of view is this:
. it really doesn't matter whether I
like the idea of wwIII for world peace;
the point is that I strongly suspect
that people in high places like that idea,
and they are in a position to start wwIII,
and we should prepare for it .