whey for egg and spirulina limits

11.14: health/protein/whey for egg and spirulina limits:
. should you use whey? well, I'm using whey myself,
and I still highly recommend the lef.org product;
but I'm trying cheaper stuff at the moment;
it makes no claims about not being denatured .
. I'm trying to heal my thyroid,
and that means less legume protein
that might cause leaky gut;
so my legume is low-protein peas,
thus I need plenty of cheap animal protein now .
. if I ate less whey, I would eat more eggs,
but that's a lot of fat considering the dioxins .
. I said egg was my only alternative to whey,
but I'm also getting as much protein as
I had thought possible from spirulina
-- I thought the limiting factor is
its large quantity of vit A;
but there is some disagreement with
what I read on my spirulina package .

. here's another source that says
a cup gets you just the rda of vit'A:
" A half cup contains 171 micrograms of vitamin A
and 342 micrograms of beta carotene.
Together this adds up to more than half the day's
vitamin A RDA for men and women.
The tolerable upper limit is 3,000 micrograms,
which means you would have to eat
close to 20 cups of dried algae ."
here's word that the limit is actually
the copper, iron, and the type of fat:
" approx'ly a day's worth of protein (65g)
can be had in 1 cup of spirulina .
. that will also give you 3g of sat'fat,
and 1.4g omega-6, (the other fat is
0.9g omega-3, and 0.8g mono'oils).
. it has excessive oxidative minerals:
177% rda of iron,
342% rda of copper (yet only 15% rda of zinc)
. also, despite its deep green,
a day's worth has just 55% rda of magnesium .
and just 13% rda of vit'A .
. also news to me are quality concerns:
heavy metals:
. Since spirulina grown in an
uncontrolled environment
has the potential to become contaminated
with heavy metals and other toxins,
it is important to choose organic spirulina
from a reputable source.
confused with toxic algae?:
Only buy spirulina that's not contaminated with
other blue-green algae 
and that has been tested for mycrocystins
and other contaminants.
Contaminated algae can lead to
liver damage and even death.
. my next batch will be from Now Foods,
they happen to have certified organic
at iherb  or amazon .

another caveat about whey:
. I said the lef.org product was good because
it promised it was undenatured;
but while I was researching about
pharmaceutical grade whey,
for a brand that was sure to raise
glutathione peroxidase
and make the best use of selenium,
they were warning that they only shipped overnight
because it becomes denatured when not refrigerated;
so, you might ask your health food store
assuming they use refrigerated trucking,
or pay $$ for overnight shipping .

. I'm counting on egg yolks not whey
for my selenium action,
and I'm using whey just to limit
copper and iron from spirulina .