the basis of belief and disbelief #god

11.22: relig/god/the basis of belief and disbelief:
. maybe schiz'ia simply hallucinated
the basis for a belief in god ?
. my only defense to that argument would be:
consider how the brain itself can
engineer hallucinations and delusions;
and also consider that the basis in god disbelief
could be the result of a delusion,
one put in place by god .
. god disbelief is a sort of total mind control,
just like a hallucination .
. but to show god disbelief is a delusion
you have to present the facts
and show how they lead to god belief .
. look at how we are chained to emotions:
is emotion just a product of nature,
a product of the brain?
. surely the chemistry makes the emotions,
but what induces such chemistry?
. why is war and selfish overpopulation
a constant we have no control over?
the human is such a brainy animal
to not see a better way,
unless forced by god's control of emotions
to engage in war for evolving technology .
. consider the research in parapsychology;
if you believe people control telepathy
that theory is confronted by occam's razor:
the simplest explanation is
the existence of a single supermind
deciding which thoughts go to which brains .

26: relig/jc/the truth will set you free:
. jc said "... the truth will set you free";
I was seeing this in the context of
our being slaves to the supernature,
because it is our emotion maker .
. when our emotions convince us,
it is never from mirroring the truth .
. the truth is that
if everyone looked out for the other guy,
this would have to result in
the community looking out for you,
which is truly what you want .
. to avoid being a slave to short-term gains
with long-term failures,
let the truth set you free:
always do things for a reason,
never because it felt good .

27: relig/god/is g-d the love?:
. how much of emotions such as
parental love for children
is god's control
 vs a natural result of biochemistry ?