#commoncore #delusion #overpopulation

11.20: news.pol/edu/common core:
. only 26% of high schoolers are ready for
college coursework,
it's clear we need to make a change to
the way we think about education.
. in math or science,
our children cannot compete internationally;
and today's students and teachers are trapped in a
rigid testing culture with little flexibility.
Common Core is a new set of education standards
that set clear goals for local educators
while giving them both guidance and flexibility
to help students succeed.
Right now, the Common Core literature uses
technical terms and tortuous prose
to sell an educational philosophy
that may not deliver what it promises .
-- do the math:
the problem with our nation's children
is not about a lack of fed' control;
the problem is that
people are crying about jobs
because there are too many people
asking for too much from capitalists
who don't have to give them anything,
and even if they did give us jobs,
people would only grow more,
and ask for yet more jobs .
. at some point they just have to say no,
and tell people this is not communism
and we're not here to find masses a job
as they persist in religiously
out-breeding the next holy or selfish nut .