lef.org vs Nordic Naturals #fishoil #omega3

12.4: proj.cook/fisho/lef.org vs Nordic Naturals #fishoil #omega3:
. Children's DHA by Nordic Naturals
caught my eye as the only brand at my local store
that had the "3rd party testing" label
or any mention of a testing agency such as IFOS .

. Nordic adds alpha tocopherals instead of
mixed tocopherals (alpha, gamma, etc),
which some say is worse than no vit'E at all,
because the alpha drowns out
what little gamma is in your diet;
so you might need to supplement with vit'E
if you use Nordic's product .

. 48 doses of Children's DHA may cost $15;
and each dose with 2.5mg fat (just like lef.org)
has 190mg epa, 255mg dha,
-- vs lef's has 700mg epa, and 500mg dha --
. Nordic's also has 105mg other omega-3's
and 0.5mg of sat'fat -- vs lef's no mention .
. Nordic provides plenty of vit'A from liver,
but as little as zero vit'D ? (or as much 10IU);
that surprised me because I had assumed
liver was a sure source of vit'D .

. ingredients are purified arctic cod liver oil,
natural strawberry flavor, d-alpha tocopherol,
rosemary extract (a natural preservative).

. I love lef.org's rosemary preservative
but some on amazon gave it a stinking review
(or maybe we are talking about the olive extract?)
Nordic is banking on kids hating rosemary too,
so they tried to cover it up with stawberry,
and that "natural flavor" has an aftertaste
that will not quit
(I'm sure some on amazon will love it).
. by the way, Nordic has a very fresh oil;
it doesn't need flavoring to cover for that .

. the kind I usually get is lef.org's
super omega-3 epa/dha with
sesame lignans & olive fruit extract .
60 doses might cost $24?
and each dose has 700mg epa, and 500mg dha .
. ingredients are fish oil concentrate,
300 mg Polyphen-Oil Olive (Olea europaea) extract (fruit)
[std. to 6.5% polyphenols (19.5 mg),
1.73% hydroxytyrosol/tyrosol (5.2 mg),
0.5% verbascoside/oleuropein (1.5 mg)]
10mg Sesame seed (Sesamum indicum) lignan extract
gelatin, glycerin, water,
silica, maltodextrin, caramel color,
sunflower lecithin, mixed tocopherols,
rosemary .