stress-induced hyperthyroid

10.19: med/hyper cures:
. hyperthyroid can be a symptom of stress,
eleuthero helps you handle stress,
and some other herbs tone down the thyroid:
bugleweed, motherwort, and some say lemon balm .
[ I didn't test any of these herbs .]

web.med/stress-induced hyperthyroid:
. infection is a typical reason for thyroid storm;
anyway, the hopeful news is that
it may not be a nodule causing hyperthyroid,
but just a passing phase from stress .
. one case on the newsgroups had symptom of
thumpy heart and high bp,
but her thyroid profile was normal,
and they said she was having panic attacks;
so, the symptoms could correspond to high thyroid,
and yet the thyroid is ok for testing .
how stress matters:
. stress raises glucocorticoids and catecholamines
increases inflammatory cytokines
which promotes the situation where
the thyroid is generating autoantigens .
. sources of stress include microbes[gum infection]
as well as smoke, radiation[fukushima],
endocrine disruptors [ran out of DIM? raised estrogen] .
. conversely, autoimmune hyperthyroidism
can amplify the stress hormones,
and might increase T-cell and B-cell responses .
emotions can replace tsh:
. norepinephrine (the heart thumper)
and vasoactive intestinal peptide
(the circadium rhythm and food digestion controller)
can release thyroid hormones in the absence of TSH.
10.18: gum disease:
. oral symptoms of hyperthyroid include
peridontal disease and "burning mouth"
also  enlargement of the extraglandular thyroid
(mainly the lateral posterior tongue).