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11.6: web.health/eggs tolerated if leaky gut cured:
. the common egg intolerance that is outgrown
is not an allergy, but a leaky gut problem .
. I learned this from Dr. Campbell-McBride's
GAPS diet Gut & Psychology Syndrome:
she's the one who's child had a gut infection
which reacted to immunizations by causing
a worse gut-immune system
that in turn caused autism .
here's what she says about infants and yolks:
"I am a nutritional therapist concerned about
the GAPS diet recommendations for
introducing egg yolks and animal proteins to infants.
Please clarify how this is suitable for young children
as it goes against many in the medical community?
The best quality building materials come from animal foods:
fresh meat, fresh fish, eggs and good- quality organic dairy.
Plant matter is difficult to digest
and does not really feed the body;
plants are primarily cleansers and provide some energy.
Many plants, particularly grains,
also have anti-nutrients in them
which damage the gut lining.
It is because of the misguided dogma of
weaning infants onto grains
that they develop leaky gut
and start reacting to proteins.
Please, read the chapter on New Baby
in the GAPS book on how to wean an infant.
A good example is FPIES
(Food Protein Intolerance Enterocolitis Syndrome),
a fairly new diagnostic label which is given to
an increasing number of infants today.
These are infants who develop severe digestive symptoms
and are found to be ‘allergic’ to all protein on the planet.
The standard medical advice is to avoid
all protein-containing foods.
I have a growing number of FPIES patients
who recover beautifully on the GAPS Introduction Diet."
. see also Specific Carbohydrate Diet:
the foundation of curing leaky gut:
" Eliminating sugars, starches, grains,
and any other irritating foods
alleviates the inflammation
and starves out the yeast overgrowth ."