Se-methylselenocysteine resources update #selenium #cancer #prevention

12.18: update knol.health/se
/{new source of selenate, vrp.com se-msc}:
19: intro:
. this is a summary of updates to my knol:
health/anti-cancer selenium-cysteine compounds .
. following that is an amazon review for
the new selenate source .

[@] *: 2013 update:
. also adding to the suspicion,
is finding that all other sources of se-msc
have also been retired at iherb.com and amazon.com;
... there is pure se.msc at VRP.com;
however, I get limited response from this source too
(did my response to se-msc change,
or are all the new products plagued by diluted potency?
they might be honest products,
but I would now trust only 3rd-party testing of potency ).

[@] se-msc (Se-methylselenocysteine)
. by 2013 there are no trustworthy retail sources;
I no longer get good results from the lef.org product,
I get only limited response from VRP's product;
and, other retailers have discontinued their products;
therefore, I'm prepared to grow my own
selenized  garlic, onion, or brocolli
by feeding them sodium selenate .

[@] a source for selenate:
Chemsavers, Inc. @amazon sodium selenate 25g /$125.00 [2013.11.11]
-- if you already shop at amazon's, this is easy!
( they warn you this is not for human consumption;
just feed it to your onions, garlic, and brocolli ).

Chemsavers`Sodium Selenate Anhydrous, 97.5-102.5%, 25g:
not for human consumption but I grow selenized vegetables:
. I plan to grow my own
selenium-accumulating plants
-- selenized garlic, onion, or brocolli --
for making se-methylselenocysteine
by feeding them this sodium selenate,
and mixing the soil with Mycorrhizae fungus
so that the vegetables absorb a lot more selenate
(and other minerals).
-- here are sources of Mycorrhizae:
(ordered by number of reviews).