supplements for radiation #fukushima

12.5: web.health/supplements for radiation:
Dr. Melissa Patterson, ND
talks about supp's you may need for
dealing with the increased radiation levels
coming from the fukushima nuclear accident .
If large doses of C,E, and B (especially B5),
are taken before exposure,
the radiation sickness can be reduced to a large degree.
Vitamin A can be toxic to a pregnancy .

- protects DNA from radiation damage
and helps prevent damage to the skin surface, too.
[ the only sure vegan sources are supplements;
seafood is a good source of se,
but intake is limited by mercury and dioxins .]
[ Joe Garma's advice:
Cysteine deactivates radioactive isotopes
and toxic metals such as cadmium, lead and mercury.
[ also synergizes with selenium .]
. megadosing cysteine causes excitotoxicity
like glutamate (MSG) or aspartate;
use food sources .] 
--[ a best source of cysteine is egg yolk ]
Melatonin 1-2 mg at night
[ synergizes with selenium ]

Vitamin C 2-5 grams per day with bioflavonoids
. a VERY IMPORTANT supplement .
. when you start having diarrhea back off 500 mg
until you reach bowel tolerance.
Rutin is often found with other bioflavonoids;
some vitamin C supplements include them.

Rutin 100 to 800 mg a day
strengthens the capillary walls
and reduces hemorrhaging caused by x-rays.

Vitamin E 1600 IU per day
- protection against Cesium-137
which is a common component of fallout
and a reported component in the fallout from Japan.
Vitamin E also helps prevent the
destruction of vitamin A and fatty acids
by massive doses of x-rays.

cell membrane protection:
# more Oil and less carb
- cup/2 of cold pressed Extra virgin olive oil
# Lecithin 2-3 tbsp. a day
# Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) 5-10 ml

carb's with Chlorophyll 
Spirulina and chlorella, leafy greens,
increased resistance to lethal X-rays.

other foods that help:
Miso(fermenting with the fungus kojikin),
garlic, onions, green tea/black tea,
brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage .

Leo Galland, M.D.
# Sodium Alginate(a seaweed extract;
over-the-counter heartburn remedy),
uptake of ingested strontium from milk
was reduced by a factor of nine
when alginate was added to milk."
# Calcium
Because strontium absorption is significantly
blocked by calcium,
high calcium intake from food or supplements
may offer protection against absorption of
radioactive strontium from food
. these supplements must be mixed with your food
as they work by binding to the food's minerals .
SHAMAN JIM @ rifeenergymedicine:
[ this source has many references ]
. kelp is cheap and has plenty of iodine
and sodium alginate.
The Atomic Energy Commission recommends
for maximum protection against
radioactive poisoning,
sea vegetables 2 or more ounces per week,
or 10 grams sodium alginate per day;
after exposure to radiation,
the dosage should be increased to 4 times daily.
Agar, derived from sodium alginate in kelp,
is a safe, nontoxic substance that can be used as
a thickening agent or gelatin. 
(he uses Solaray's Detox Blend ).

Jonathan Cho on iodine
. The typical recommended dose of
Lugol's or Iodoral is 13-15mg per day
This amount is roughly what the average
Japanese person consumes per day,
due to the higher amount of fish
and seaweed in the Japanese diet.
13-15mg is only recommended for
normal daily use,
not under the duress of radiation exposure.
. a better measurement of iodine sufficiency
was marked when a person can excrete
90% of the iodine consumed within 24 hours,
and for most people to reach this mark required
months of iodine supplementation in the
50mg per day range,
and up to 100mg per day for diabetics.
. less than 5% of his patients reported any
side effects like hypo- or hyperthyroidism,
thyroid swelling, or allergies.
A quick test to gauge the degree of
your need for iodine is the iodine skin test.
Take a drop of Lugol's iodine (or equivalent),
smear it on an inner portion of the arm,
and check how much is left after an hour;
if it’s been noticeably absorbed,
you're lacking in iodine .
orange juicing is great for radiation?:
. beware high amounts of fructose from oranges;
people worried about radiation may use many oranges,
and would exceed the fructose limit of 50grams per day .

Dr. Melissa Patterson, ND` herbs
 You can get individual herbal tinctures
online at Herb Pharm or get a custom combination tincture
made at Farmacopia in Santa Rosa, CA.
-- farmacopia.net is getting reorganized .
Burdock Root (Arctium lappa)
removes radioactive isotopes
1-4 ounces/300-120 grams of cooked fresh root,
Tincture - 15-20 drops 3 times a day.
Contraindications - do not use during
the first trimester of pregnancy.
Cilantro Leaf (Coriandum sativum)
- natural heavy metal chelator
(i.e. plutonium and cesium are heavy metals.)
1-3 dropperfuls daily of tincture
or eat large amounts of fresh cilantro
Eleuthero/Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus)
500-3000 mg. in capsule form.
Tincture: 15-20 drops three times a day.
Holy Basil/Tulsi Aerial Parts (Ocimum sanctum)
-- medicine: not for continuous use --
increases glutathione and superoxide dismutase
Tincture: 40–60 drops, three times per day.
Tea: add 1 tsp. dried leaf to 8 oz. hot water,
steep, covered, 5–10 minutes.
Take 4 oz. of tea up to three times per day.
- not while pregnant or nursing
Use caution if you have high blood pressure
or rheumatic heart disease.
Beta-1,3 glucan 400 mg
-- very expensive, but worth it --
good source is Reishi Mushroom
Fruiting Bodies (Ganoderma lucidum)
2 caps or 1 dropperful of tincture
up to 6 times per-day.
Laminaria Japonica 1500 mg/day
[ saved thousands from Chernobyl's fallout ].
[ contained in bodyecology product ]
edible clay
(Bentonite Clay, or French green)
- helps to eradicate toxins radiation/toxins.
start with 1 tablespoon of bentonite clay daily,
gradually increase the dose to no more than
4 tablespoons daily in divided doses.
Sea Salt and Baking Soda Baths
- soak for 20 minutes in
lb sea salt & lb baking soda
three times a week for one month.
Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum)
1-3 dropperfuls of tincture for liver