#prebiotic #humanfood and_the_American_Gut_Project

11.4: news.health/probiotic/American Gut Project:
. the American Gut Project,
is crowdsourced microbiome science .

. why is Jeff Leach pushing whole grains
while on a paleo diet (meat and veg)?
[ he's actually against grains, even rice,
but he did want to
put in a good word for fiber: .]
 eat 30+ species of plants a week (the more the better).
We will ask that you eat the whole plant.
For example, no more cutting of the
fibrous bottom of the asparagus shoots or broccoli.
Eat the whole thing!
Same goes for every other plant.
We will also ask that you get
lots of onions, leeks, garlic
and explore cooking/eating lots of new plants
 (there is more out there than just leafy greens).
We also want you to drop 100% of
anything made with a grain of any kind – that includes rice.
Beans and lentils OK .
 We will also ask that you not steam, boil, or otherwise
cook your vegetables for too long.
Cook a little less, so your body works a little harder.
. avoid any meat, poultry, fish etc that has been raised on
growth hormones or antibiotics
 as this "may" impact your gut microbiota.
We will also ask that you not drink your tap water,
as the chlorine (and fluoride where added)
may be having an impact on your gut microbiota. 
prebiotics is the most important choice:
. the mundane daily choices in how we live
can dramatically impact the health
of our gut microbiota and thus us.
Perhaps opening a few windows in your home,
simple gardening,
eating the more fibrous parts of our plant foods,
swimming in microbial-rich ponds and lakes,
would be considered as important or more so
than your daily intake of antioxidants
or percentages of this nutrient over that nutrient
or the eat less exercise more mantra.