#wwIII #EMP takes out #water pumps

11.2: mis.care/water/mac attack as omen:
. having my computer broken reminds me
I have been forgetting about prepping for
disasters that may take away water as well as computing .

25: web.aq.care#beprepared/the essentials:
. water at about $1 per gal 20*5gal
. water disinfectant drops and solar oven .

lib.care/omick.net/a frugal living site:
. they have a frugal living site,
it includes composting toilets:
water use and reuse:
and evaporative food coolers:

25: news.gear/evaporative food cooler:
. if trying to cool without electricity
use this omick.net evaporative food cooler:
. the cooler's temperature is often as much as
35 degrees below maximum ambient air temperature:
that means 65 degree F drinking water
even on a 100 degree F day .
. a water-tight insulated ice chest
is filled with water and placed outdoors
where it will be completely shaded
throughout the day,
but the shade is removed at night:
Since the ice chest is
open to the nighttime sky,
additional radiative cooling occurs.
The lid of the chest is left open at night
and closed during the day.
Food and water to be kept cool
is placed in jars with water-tight lids
and the jars are placed in the water filled ice chest.
.  for some foods they also use the
damp cloth shroud method:
A pan is filled with a couple inches of water
and placed in a shady location.
Jars filled with food are placed in the pan
and covered with a cloth which drapes down into the water.
An old towel works well for this.
The cloth wicks up water which evaporates,
cooling the jars .  rainwater is distilled
and won't cause mineral deposits .